Jul 30 2014

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How to do AB testing using Google Analytics

Testing page variations is an important aspect for a digital marketer. This articles explains the simple steps to do AB testing using google analytics ‘Experiments’ feature.

What is A/B testing?

Search for this on Google and you would get the answer as:

Definition_AB testing Google Analytics

 How to do AB testing using google analytics?

Step 1: Navigate to the right Spot..!

Before you do AB testing using Google Analytics, in your reporting suite, Navigate to Behavior Reports >> Experiments

ab testing using google analytics

Step 2: Click on ‘Create Experiments’ and Fill up the details carefully.

A/B testing using google analytics_2A/B testing using google analytics_3

Tip: Make sure to Explore the ‘Advanced Options’

 Step 3: Configuring your Experiment to do a good A/B testing using Google Analytics.

A/B testing using google analytics

In my Experiment, I am testing 2 different pages all together. This is not a typical A/B testing . In reality, it is improper to do AB testing using Google Analytics in this way. I did this only to See which page performs well for a time frame. Just for the sake of this article.

Step 4: Setting Up your Experiment Code before you do A/B testing using Google Analytics.

When you complete your configurations, Google provides you with a JavaScript code snippet. To do AB testing using Google Analytics, we have to place that snippet in the <head> section. This is important and data won’t flow if not done properly.

There are 2 types in which you can carry out this JavaScript in pages to do AB testing using Google Analytics.

Type 1: Send the Code snippet Link to Website Admin.

A/B testing using google analytics_1

Type 2: Implement the Code Snippet Manually. 

If you are a hybrid Developer-Analyst like me, go a head, have a nice time implementing this code all by yourself..!!

A/B testing using google analytics_4

Step 5: Verify the Setup and make sure your experiment appears in the List.

After setting up, it is important to verify the set up.If necessary, go through the set up again to make sure everything is in place

Thus, you can do AB testing using Google Analytics

What benefits do I get if I do AB testing using Google Analytics?

Google gives a detailed explanation in this article. There is an example to illustrate how can a business improve if it decides to do AB testing using Google Analytics.

Best Regards,
Shivanandana Hegde
‘Curious to Learn; Generous to Share’


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