India 2025!

PATRIOTIC STORY Life beyond Darkness!!   [notice]Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.[/notice] 2020 Aug 15th India’s 73rd Independence Day. Already India is losing its right to freedom now just think about this day .The nominators will be the corporates who will be … Read moreIndia 2025!

Future of Technology

Future Technology     “BEYOND HUMAN THINKING” is always “BEHIND HUMAN MIND”…..   Humans are replaced by machines after each and every human’s death a pseudo human form is generated that is nothing but the humanoid. The technology is whenever the person dies his brain is kept preserved and is inter connected to the processor … Read moreFuture of Technology

Future Education

” Future Education” Year:2035 ,Location:India, Place: May be  Bangalore!! [notice]Disclaimer: “All the concepts mentioned below are fictitious some might or might not be implemented” [/notice] SchoolName: NammaNalandaSchool… Education in 2035 will be entirely different as what we are thinking now there will be a rapid change in the education system .Where in each student will … Read moreFuture Education