Pass Google Analytics (GAIQ) in 3 Simple Steps.

Pass Google Analytics exam GAIQ

Effective from 20th of November, 2014, Google Analytics (GAIQ) certification is available for free..!! How to apply for  New Google Analytics certification for FREE? Follow these Steps here Being a certified professional is always an advantage. Certification shows that the person is capable enough to handle the business or technical scenarios. It also adds value … Read more

Eye Opener: Dangers in Social Networking

dangers in social networking

Infomandala Presents: An article on ” Dangers in Social Networking “ If you are reading this article, it is most likely that you’ll have an account in social media! Cuz that’s the trend!!  Worst of dangers in social networking: Scenario 1 : Using your updates. Just imagine a scenario as described below: You have fought … Read more

Search Engine Marketing: 5 Best practices you must know

For a better search engine marketing, we must first know the recursively true logic for any web based transnational business. “To drive a good quality traffic and then nurture accordingly.” Mainly, search engine marketing has organic and paid search options. They are beneficial only if your content is optimized for search engines. 1) Why should … Read more

Four Golden Rules for Great E-Marketing strategies.

Web marketing and e-marketing strategies

A brief note on web marketing and e-marketing strategies:- The article first describes the differences between web marketing and e-marketing strategies. Then,move on to explain the various hurdles faced and possible solutions. Difference between web marketing and e-Marketing strategies. Web marketing is for mass audience. We don’t have any information about the audience or we … Read more

How to improve Online Marketing:- 8 ‘Most Essential’ steps

Improve online marketing by mobile

To improve online marketing,you need to know these facts,stats and tips. First of all, Why be online?? Before we move on to how to improve online marketing, Here, have a look.. Since picture speaks  a thousand words!!    Source: Wikipedia.                         Present Approximation of Internet … Read more