Eye Opener: Dangers in Social Networking

Eye Opener: Dangers in Social Networking

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An article on ” Dangers in Social Networking

If you are reading this article, it is most likely that you’ll have an account in social media! Cuz that’s the trend!! 

dangers in social media

Worst of dangers in social networking:

Scenario 1 : Using your updates.

Just imagine a scenario as described below:
You have fought with a person X for what ever reason. This person X is too angry and takes the fight too seriously. He is all set to serve you with cold ‘Revenge’. So, he starts following you on a social website ( Say Twitter for example) to know about your activities. He might have created a fake account just so that you don’t know.
He is observing everything you put on your wall. Finally the day comes when you post  :-

“Excited to travel with my family to my native tomorrow.” or it can be:
“Today, I’m going to take my sweet kids to their granny!” 

Or it can be anything where you reveal your next destination. Just imagine what all could go wrong if the person X misuses these info!
Even thieves, robbers and frauds may be constantly monitoring your activities so that they can lure you or take advantage at the right situation.

Scenario 2: Abusing your pics and phone number/address:

Let us name a girl as ‘ABCDEF’. Her Ex-Boyfriend is jealous that she has moved on and living a happy life now. She on other side has totally forgotten about the past, happy about the present and planning about the future.
However, there is one little problem. Her ‘Ex’ has few pics of her taken together or solo. He also has her contact number and address. He edits her pics to make them more ‘revealing’ and uploads them to a dirty dating website or some call girl websites.
Now, just imagine what could happen next. There has been few cases reported where girls were mentally tortured by calls and people visiting their residence and even worst case is that a girl died of suicide!
These types of abuse can happen to boys too; but in a slightly different way.

 Minor dangers in social networking:

Beware and keep in mind that social websites are usedangers of social networkingd for the following too!

1) Spreading fake news, malwares, phishing websites, spywares and other harmful content.
2) Tracking personal record of people/competitors.
3) Hacking in to accounts and misusing your name for illegal purposes.
4) Modifying and abusing yours’ or your family’s pics.
5) Misusing your personal data and creating fake IDs and asking you to meet up.
6) Black-mailing or bullying you.
Despite of harmful effects like addiction, wastage of time and brain washing due to false information, there are some concerns that have to be addressed by users themselves.

dangers in social networkingSelling Personal Data for Advertisement:

Have you observed that when you login to a social media site, (Facebook for example) the ads that you see are so relevant to your recent search and purchases?
More likely isn’t it? That’s where social websites make money. They sell your personal data so that the ads are customized for maximum revenue.
This may not harm you but still, imagine that if someone could know your interest, then why not your credit card number?

People, without realizing the dangers in social networking are so interested in Other’s life that websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, MySpace… etc… etc…. have more than a thousand account registered every day!

dangers in social networking 1
It is fun to browse around in Facebook and have a look at what other people are doing. However, have you ever thought of threats and dangers in social networking for a minute?dangers of social networking 1

To conclude the article, these are the most common reasons known for most of the people for using social media sites:
1) To stay connected with friends.
2) To grow personal network of friends/professional colleagues.
3) Improve business via Promotions and offers.

4) Awareness to people about any subject/topic.
5) Advertisement, product campaigns and updates.
6) Just for fun and to kill time!
However, the dangers in social networking arise when there are security threats. These threats can be both personal and professional.

I am sure that you’ll show your responsibility by sharing this article or at least speak about it to your sister/cousin/brother/girlfriend/ anybody who may not have much idea about dangers of social networking.

Hence, next time when you post something…. ‘Think before you ink’.….

Expect another article which’ll guide you so that you can be safe and avoid dangers in social networking.

Comment below if you know any other ‘Danger’ that I might have missed!


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