Four Golden Rules for Great E-Marketing strategies.

Four Golden Rules for Great E-Marketing strategies.

A brief note on web marketing and e-marketing strategies:-

The article first describes the differences between web marketing and e-marketing strategies. Then,move on to explain the various hurdles faced and possible solutions.

Difference between web marketing and e-Marketing strategies.

Web marketing is for mass audience. We don’t have any information about the audience or we have very limited amount of information. E-Marketing is for a group of known audience. Where we know the details like contact, geographic, interests, past transactions etc…

Examples of Web-Marketing are Landing pages, bulk Virtual environment, public blogs, Organic search results, RSS feeds, mass promotional emails etc.. Whereas e-marketing strategies includes podcast, personalized e-mails, *proximity marketing, e-news letters, personalized transnational emails, Online Forums, Chats etc.. They may seem to be different.However,they both work together to maintain a vital relationship between the customers and business. Therefore they have to be integrated together.

Web marketing and e-marketing strategies
Web marketing and e-marketing strategies

Since the power of a brand is now in the hands of it’s customer, they take the complete control. The time is gone when a marketer used to shout his offer and people used to come running. The best way left is to organize better e-marketing strategies.

The blocking stones for for any e-marketing strategies are:-

  •  People can turn off the cookies in browsers. — Disables tracking.
  •  People choose their search terms. — Difficult to understand what words/search terms people use.
  •  People Stay anonymous. — Makes data collection almost impossible.
  • They can turn off images in browser and e-mails. — Banners and graphics fail; so does the effort in producing them!
  •  Varied customer behavior. — Too difficult to track how customers filter through to buy anything.
  • Too many platforms to gather data from. — The platforms are growing from day by day. From search engine, Blogs, Mobile sites, Portals, Landing pages, Online Gaming, Social Networks, Micro sites, Feeds etc etc…
  •  Creating “Anti-Brand” blogs and Forums. — Also referred to as’Hate-Sites’:- People who are not satisfied with the products and services are creating their own blogs and forums to put up their pain. If proper SEO is done, this might come up in search engines before your brand which in turn gives a big blow to your e-marketing strategies. So marketers can no longer enforce anything on to potential leads as well as loyal customers.
  • Opt-Out / Unsubscribe option. — Dead end..!!!

Since I strongly believe that there is always a solution for any problem, below are some possible effective work-around.

1) Optimize the Search engine. — To gain attention of known and unknown audience.

Applying analytics and finding the logic as to how to reach out to maximum potential leads for your particular business unit will help. I will not go on in detail about this here since it is a entirely different topic to discuss. Organic search is always best and free. Paid search however is not bad too.

2) Always be at the reach of the people.

Whenever someone wants you or your product or has a scenario where your solutions can be applied, Show your presence.

3) Give what they want.

It is better to give what a customer wants than to give what the business wants him to have. There are rare situations where we cannot provide the exact deliverable for that particular customer. In that case, at least make sure that you can polish your product or service at least to match what they want.

4) Provide “Live support”.

Even in this fast moving world, I have seen many companies are forcing customers to write an e-mail and then reply and provide solution. Worst case:- Company replies back asking for more info!! This is fine as long as you want a somewhat ‘OK OK’ kind of an image. If you are looking for a ‘Great’ image where customers are in Love with you, they want to upgrade and they want to shell out more money on your company, then Live support is a must. The best 2 ways of live support are 1) Phone(preferably Toll Free number). 2) Online chat.

5) Customized e-mails and e-newsletter.

to enhance and extend the present engagement and relationship. There are various e-mail automation techniques and analysis to achieve it.

6) Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing. (Social stats).

No need to explain anything here since it is self-expanatory!

7) Broaden the Funnel!!


e-marketing strategies to improve business funnel
e-marketing strategies to improve business funnel

Use any of your marketing tactics, you can set up a team or even better; hire a specialist like me who is well versed with both technical and operational perspectives of E-Marketing.Also, it is important to understand the ‘Drop-Off’ points, work and experiment on these areas.

8) Structured framework.

For campaigns, nurturing, analytics, customer-buying journey, mutual benefit for customer and business etc.. Below is just an example Flowchart with no data. Idea is to prepare one with relevant data. This greatly helps to optimize e-marketing strategies .

Flow of e-marketing strategies framework
Strategies framework  (Source:- Google image search)

Now coming to the Four Golden Rules:

Better to keep note of these four ‘A’ s for future e-marketing strategies.

  • Actual
  • Appropriate
  • Answerable
  • Approachable

All the former theory falls in to these Four Golden Rules of optimizing any e-marketing strategies.

If you have read so far, you can leave a comment . Let me know your thoughts on this.


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