Pass Google Analytics (GAIQ) in 3 Simple Steps.

Pass Google Analytics (GAIQ) in 3 Simple Steps.

Pass Google Analytics exam

Effective from 20th of November, 2014, Google Analytics (GAIQ) certification is available for free..!!

How to apply for  New Google Analytics certification for FREE? Follow these Steps here

Being a certified professional is always an advantage. Certification shows that the person is capable enough to handle the business or technical scenarios. It also adds value to your Resume. Here are the 3 simple steps to be followed if you want to know how to pass Google Analytics, GAIQ certification.

1. To Pass GAIQ –Do not Search for Answers

This is one of the most common mistakes that most of my friends do. We are so used to ‘Google’ for answers.

Be known that Google never lets anyone know the right answers for the questions that were asked. A person can only guess the right answers. If anyone claims that he/she has  cleared the certification, we never know which were the right answers and which were the wrong. I have literally seen many websites claiming right answers for the questions with a screen shot but they are not!!

Pass Google Analytics exam GAIQ

Besides, being certified should mean something to you as well as the one who considers it. What is the point of being certified by wrong means? When the times comes, you will have no idea as to how to handle the technical or business scenario. If you plan on cheating the world, why not use ‘Photoshop‘ ? Prepare a fake certificate then!!  It is as good as clearing the GAIQ exam with the help of external source..!

Ok, we know what shouldn’t be done. So, what to do to pass Google Analytics exam then?  Read on…..

2. How to Pass Google Analytics Exam – Prepare before you take the Exam.

Google provides plenty of reading materials and demonstrations regarding digital analytics and Google Analytics. If you plan to pass Google Analytics exam and want a GAIQ certificate, then go through them thoroughly.

Pass GAIQ Academy

You can start your GA journey with the videos or text materials from Google Analytics Academy

1) For Digital Analytics fundamentals (DA)
2) For Google Analytics Principles (GA)

Later, for Universal Analytics (UA) documentation  visit the below link.
Everything is fairly easy and understandable. Consult anyone whom you know in the same field if you have doubts. Me, for example. 😉

3. To Pass Google Analytics Certification – Use your Common-Sense

GAIQ is no rocket science. If you prepare well, you can perform well and pass Google Analytics exam. Simple as that. There are questions after you finish reading each section in the links given above. Answer them and test your level of understanding. There is nothing calculative and aptitude in the exam. It is just plain simple English that you understand, interpret and answer.

Now that it is FREE, you have unlimited attempts too. However, Google makes sure that you get enough time to prepare well. So, you have to wait for a period of time to re-attempt. Let me know if you need any help in clearing the exam.

Want Proof?? Refer Below!! 😛

Shivanandana Google Analytics

How to apply for  New Google Analytics certification for FREE? Follow these Steps here.


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