Search Engine Marketing: 5 Best practices you must know

For a better search engine marketing, we must first know the recursively true logic for any web based transnational business.

“To drive a good quality traffic and then nurture accordingly.”

Mainly, search engine marketing has organic and paid search options. They are beneficial only if your content is optimized for search engines.

1) Why should we care about search engine marketing?

The preface for search engine marketing for for a better online business are:

i) Search engines makes navigation easy. This is because the number of clicks are less in Search engine compared to website itself. A person can directly arrive at the page (public page) he is interested; instead of navigating to it in main site.
ii) Search engines are main source for ‘decision makers’ who are mostly non-tech savvy. They usually refer to Search engines first before they make any marketing research.
iii) Search engines impacts the brand metrics. Better search engine ranking gives you better brand metrics. A study also shows that 90% of successful online business are top ranked in search engine results.

search engine marketing

These factors makes it essential to steer your organization’s search engine marketing for a more profitable state.

Here are 5 best practices of search engine marketing:

1) Persistent Keyword Research and Analysis.

Keywords keep changing depending on the latest market trends. The relevant keywords for your line of business will yield a solid result in search engine marketing. There are couple of free online tools for keyword research. Google webmaster tools and Google Ad words, provides a basic to advanced level of keyword research and analysis. SEO professionals find and research actual search terms that people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. Search engine marketing also involves research of keywords in order to achieve better rankings in the results.
Keywords should be identified in all the different stages of customer journey. Better to test it by yourself in search engine.

2) Organize the Search Engine Marketing campaign on regular basis.

Whenever there are changes in either of management or marketing strategy or any marketing property; search engine campaigns needs to be organized and optimized accordingly.
The search engine marketing campaigns should reflect these changes.

3) Optimize the Ads based on Device and demography.

This is self explanatory. Different ads appear differently in different devices. Optimizing Ads for mobiles, tablets and other devices will yield efficient search engine marketing. Needless to say the same applies for different demographics as well.

4) Grouping your Keywords:

The most important, and yet most overlooked step in the Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing marketing is keyword grouping.
The advantage of grouping keywords into small, tightly related segments is that it improves the PPC search engine marketing placement by helping you write more targeted, relevant pay-per-click ads.

search engine marketing

5) Addressing the ‘Negative Keywords’ for PPC search:

Personally, I would never want to see a ‘Window panes’ ad when I am searching for ‘Windows’ related software!!. Designating the word ‘Windows’ as negative keyword would help me on this. Negative keywords are known to inhibit the users from clicking and hence, failing you research engine marketing strategy.

Here you go, this is all I got for now. Hope it helps to improve your search engine marketing. If you have read so far, it is your duty to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this articles.

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