6 Secrets that mean Vegans don’t tell you

6 Secrets that mean Vegans don’t tell you


I am not going to write about how poor animals suffer and why you should not eat meat. There are already plenty of discussion going on and many people are spectating them on their sofa with hot chicken wings in one hand and bacon sandwich on another!

mean vegans food digestion diagram

Rather, here are 6 secrets that mean vegans won’t give out generally.

1) Anti-Aging: (Lots of Anti – Oxidants + Energy)


Mean Vegans antioxidants sourcesIn this modern age, growth of pollution and toxins are more than ever. Due to the increased demand of meat, there are many ‘unhealthy’ practices followed by meat manufacturers. Growth hormones, steroids and chemicals that will increase the meat yield of innocent animals. Vegan diet however, has all the necessary nutrients. Not only that, it also has plenty of anti oxidants. Mean vegans won’t tell you that and you know why!

2) Elevated metabolism:

metabolic activity diagram for mean vegansMost of our life are becoming static day by day. If you think running on a thread mill for an hour a day will cancel out all the ill effects, then think again. Non-vegetarian food is usually not good for your tummy. It causes bloated stomach and congestion in your excretory system. Result? – DEADLY BOMBS!!! You might say.. So does peas, black beans and peanuts; which is because of high proteins. However, Vegan food is proved to be good for gastrointestinal health. In a long run. It is good for overall health.

3) Good Looks:

Mean Vegans Look Good!Another thing what mean vegans won’t tell you is that vegan food usually are free from ‘free radicals’ and agents causing blockage of the micro-pores in our skin. They also enhance the endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which gives natural ‘glow’ to your face that no make-up in this world can compete with!

4) Weight Management:

Mean Vegans weight management

Ah!! I think many vegans do mention this in their posts or YouTube videos. Then why did I add this here?
Because what these mean vegans miss out is a scientific explanation. Fresh vegetables and fruits have fibers. Fibers can also be found in meat. Well, the difference is that fibers from plant will inhibit ‘Ghrelin’ – a hormone responsible for hunger/cravings. If you can get hold of your cravings easily so is the control over your weight. Isn’t it? 😉

5) Smart brains:

Mean Vegans brain food

Well, I’ve been thinking about this for quite a long time. I agree that there are no scientific research to base this argument. However, I’ve observed that most of the witty, brainy and Genius people are Vegans or Vegetarians. At least in the country where I live in, all major contributors to the field of math, astrology, astronomy, Physics, Electronics are from No-Egg Vegetarians ( those who consume milk but no egg). Even many people whom I’ve observed in my own life. Hence, though I can’t prove this fact, I can state it with confidence! Many meat eaters and animal cruelty supporters argue that ‘Omega-3’ fatty acids are required for brain & muscles which can only be extracted from dead body of an animal. Guess what, this is not true. There are plenty of plant based sources for omega-3.

6) Peaceful mind:


Mean Vegans Peace of MindYes. Many MEAN VEGANS won’t tell you the ultimate feeling of pride that they relish. The pride in not feeding on dead-body of some animal. The self-esteem of not depending on torture, rape and murder of another fellow species. The pride of not being a part of ‘Greed’ for money for which false advertisement, ‘Brain-washing’ and ‘tempting arguments’ are created that costs other innocent lives that have same attachment and feelings towards their family.
The wastage of water in feeding those animals, the CO2 emission increased due to animal husbandry -When you are not a part of this. Yes; You are not a good social animal. You are one of the mean vegans out there.. !!

If you want to give it a try, try out the below links for some Awesome Vegan recipes.. Ahhh!! I am drooling!!

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Hope you guys enjoy the new life-style!


Getting the recipes on the mobile devices will make our lives much easier.

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