SBI Credit Card Fraud- Beware people!

SBI Credit Card Fraud- Beware people!

SBI credit card fraud! – Beware people. Not just SBI, this can be related to any other bank as well.

sbi credit card fraud

Easy money…. Easy money everywhere!!… Let me explain you how I saved myself from being robbed in daylight.

I got a call few days ago from a lady claiming that she is an SBI employee. She wanted to verify few things about my card. Since I was busy at that time, I said, you can call back tomorrow and cut the call.

Later, I got a call yesterday. Before I begin, first strange thing was that it was from a mobile number..! It said it is from Delhi! (True Caller!)

The number is: +91 7838632267 – A Delhi, Vodafone number. ! Below is the conversation we had.

She: Sir, my name is Nishita. Am I speaking to ‘Mr Shivanandana Hegde’?

Me: Yes. Tell me.

She: I am calling from SBI Credit card division Sir. You are a SBI credit card holder na Sir? I am calling because you have been awarded with credit-points because you shop online and in many stores.

I just need few information from you just to make sure that you are the right person. This is for security purpose Sir.

Me: Ok. What do you want to know?

She: Sir, what is the ‘type’ of Credit card you have? Is it VISA or MASTER CARD?


She: Ok Sir, can you tell me the SBI Credit card number?

Me: (This is strange! No one asked me for my card number before as a security question, anyways, let me ask her). Why do you need my card number?

She: Sir, I need to verify that you are holding the right card. This is for security purpose only Sir.

Me: Ok.(What is the harm in giving the number, anyway there are many other details that are needed to misuse it)..

Ok. Here it is 4XXX-Oxxx-5xxx-1xxx –  Here you go.

She: This is right sir. Thank you for verifying. What is the expiry date of the card Sir? Is it 06/2018?

Me: (Ahaaaa!!! Here she is…. Hummm… Let me see how far this goes). No. It is 08/2016.

She: Oh. Yes Sir. I see it in my system. Ok Sir, one last verification question, after that, you will get an SMS from our side. This is automatic SMS that you will be getting. You are awarded with ‘9565 Points’ which is eligible for encashment and it is around Rs.3450 INR  Sir.

Me: Ok.

She: Sir, behind your card, there is 6 – digit number or 3 – digit number?

Me: 3 digit Number.

She: Ok. Sir, you should never give that 3-digit number to anyone. It is very secure pin Sir.

Me: OK.

She: Sir, now, I’ll transfer your call to SBI verfification process and you should enter that pin in your mobile. Then, immedeately, you’ll get an SMS with cash being deposited to your account!

Me: …………………………………… Hold On…….!!!   I disconnected the call suddenly because I felt so many things  were wrong here.

  • Firstly, I have got the card just few months ago.
  • Secondly, I have not shopped using that card much. Hardly , I may have spent a thousand or 2 thousand Rupees. Will I get double of that amount as reward points? What a joke!
  • Thirdly, all that you require to do an online transaction is card number, expiry date and CVV number!
  • Fourthly, she was calling me again and again if the call got disconnected. She was showing so much of enthusiasm to pay me! – This – Coming from a bank like SBI ?? Haha.. Another miracle!

sbi credit card scam

Now, it hit me..!! I am being scammed! I am just few minutes away from being robbed!!

Just in time, I got the call again. I picked it up this time with a smile.

She: Sir, Sorry that the call got disconnected. I will now transfer the call to SBI online portal Sir, please enter the CVV number Sir.

Me: Wait wait wait…. Hold On….

She: What happened Sir?

Me: What is your name again?

She: Sir, it is Neha.

Me: Neha ? or Nishitha? You said you are Nishita at the first place.

She: Blabbering. Sir, that was my supervisor who called you yesterday. Today, this is Neha.

Me: How do I believe that you are from SBI? What is the proof?

She: Sir, I can give you my employee Code. You write it down. It is SBIZX4432. Enough?

Me: Haha.. What would I do with that made up alpha-numeric ID ? – Tell me something. What is my full name?

She: Sir, it is Shivanandana Hegde

Me: No. Not just that. Tell me the full name printed on my Credit card.

She: How will I know Sir?

Me: Ok. Tell me something about my credit card/account. What is my address? Account number? DOB? Anything??

She: We don’t have those details Sir..

Me: ~Silent~

She: Sir, you can trust me Sir. I am calling from SBI Credit card dept only. You can completely trust me.

Me: Couldn’t control my self.. HA HA HA HAAAA!! Oh My God!! Were you about to fool me on April 10th? You were supposed to call on 1st of April right?

She: – Disconnected the call. Nothing afterwards. I couldn’t reach out the number too!

Me: AAAAH!!! – I should have wasted their phone currency still more.. 😛 x-(

Summary from this SBI credit card fraud (almost):

Below are indication that you might get scammed!

  1. The person who calls saying that they are from SBI credit card department will speak professionally. Not even real SBI people will speak like this!
  2. No Bank employee will ever ask your Card Number and expiry date etc. So, if they ask any of those, you better don’t give them,
  3. The number from where they call will be ‘mobile’ number! Because if you go to police, it can’t be tracked to real culprits. They would have got it by fake proofs.
  4. They may even threaten you and say if you don’t give these details now, you’ll be fined. Your card will stop working etc..
  5. No matter how secure, trustworthy they seem, NEVER EVER give the CVV number of your credit card
  6. Lastly, bank is not responsible if you voluntarily give out the sensitive details to someone! – Do not blame SBI for this!


Below are some of the links that can shed some light regarding this.

Consumer Court Forum Link.

Cyber Crime Complaints.

Grahak Seva Forum.

So guys, have you come across these kind of scams? – Comment and let the world know!

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