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New Wonders eyes

We know about the famous seven wonders of the world. (New and Old) However, have you ever realized the fantastic 7 wonders of that are bestowed within us? Call me old fashioned; but this just came to my mind and couldn’t resist to write about it. The awesome 7 wonders that I am talking about … Read more

5 Unknown inventors – who changed the world | Infomandala

Unknown inventors

These are our picks on 5 Unknown inventors who changed the world. We make use of many things everyday without knowing who invented them. It is strange that we never got a chance to recognize these unknown inventors . These are few among many unknown facts of the world. These are the 5 Unknown inventions … Read more

Unknown facts of the world

Unknown facts of the world

These are our Picks on ‘Unknown facts of the world’: 1) 95% of the ocean has not been explored Water covers 71% of earth ‘s surface. We see a lot of underwater videos on popular TV channels. However, one of the unknown facts of the world is that we have 95% of Ocean to explore and … Read more