5 Unknown inventors  – who  changed the world | Infomandala

5 Unknown inventors – who changed the world | Infomandala

Unknown inventors

These are our picks on 5 Unknown inventors who changed the world. We make use of many things everyday without knowing who invented them. It is strange that we never got a chance to recognize these unknown inventors . These are few among many unknown facts of the world.

These are the 5 Unknown inventions that has made our life easy but their discoverers remain anonymous to the world as ‘Unknown Inventors’.

1) Unknown inventors of Kitchen Knife & Tools.

There is not even a single day that goes by without using either a knife or any of the tools. The unknown inventors of tools like knife, screw, needle, spanner, bolts etc.. deserve a noble prize. Don’t you think?

unknown inventors knife

The human evolution from stone age to now, might  be a  lot of glittery;  but the original, unknown inventors are still anon.

2)  Glass

Bottles, Mirrors, Prisms, Tumblers, Vials, Lens, windows, Medical and Laboratory equipment etc etc… You name it. Glass is one of the extremely useful inventions. History of glass goes back to very ancient time. Inventors of Glass would be legends if they were known.

unknown inventors glass

3) Spectacles & Goggles 

Invention of Goggle is dated back to the time when Flight was discovered. Drivers/pilots needed it to protect their eyes. Spectacles are boons to people with eye-sight problem. The unknown inventors of Spectacles would’ve been billionaires if they were from 20th century!!

unknown inventors glass_spectacles

 4) ‘Cooking’..!

At a very young age, My uncle had once asked me just to test my intellect that ‘Who Invented Cooking’ .  I had answered as ‘MOM’..!! 🙂 😉

Who taught your Mom?? was his next question. I answered ‘Her Mom’.. and to her?? Her Mom, Grandma…. and so on.

unknown inventors_Cooking-image

But if you just think through, the inventor of ‘Cooking’ might be a Genius..!! We can Never thank those unknown inventors enough isn’t it?

5) Language and Dictionary

Communication has evolved to a large extent. However, there are several languages across the world. How hard it might be to invent a language altogether and define the rules for it? What about the script?? These unknown inventors are responsible for our huge development, aren’t they??

Lunknown inventors_Language Dictionary

There are some languages that are completely unrelated to each other. This means that not all people copied and modified some other language.

Computer Languages like C, C++, Java etc have known inventors though..!! 😉

6) Clothes

It is simple. No need of explanation for this topic. Accessories like Shoes, sweaters, hats etc…

unknown inventors_clothes

There are yet so many unknown facts of the world that we need to explore.

Coming back to the Unknown Inventors in the world, make sure to comment what you think. Did I miss any?

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