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This article is almost the same story of a mountain disaster, which resembles a part of the disaster of Mount Everest, which happened on May 11, 1996 to know more regarding this click this link Mountains of Misery Part1”.This is in fact the story of the west, it is considered as one of the inspiring story which is meant to be shared across this platform. Sit back relax and read the below story which is motivational and is in fact an inspiration to all of us.It a Life of hope for almost all mountaineers.


A few months back I was looking at persons of inspiration and motivation, what out of curiosity I clicked onto a link on Wikipedia, and read the name of the person “Nando Parrado” .This person’s link mentioned that he is now a motivational speaker. I read his profile and it states that he is one among the 16 survivors of a flight crash that happened at Andes Mountain. His story is in fact motivated many people and also went on its way to create a movie based on the crash titled as “Alive- Miracle in the Andes”. I got the opportunity to download this movie and was really amazed to see, and I imagined the entire scene of what exactly had happened on those harsh days. Really no one ever in fact will live there in that horrible condition. Those 72 days, of penance really made many of his friends change, and it also changed the very person’s belief. Nando himself has written a book in 2006 called “Miracle in the Andes”. Where he shares his experience on that horrific event that took place in 1972 and there are many documentaries where he by himself has shared the screen space.

"Altitude of Danger"
“Altitude of Danger”


It all happened on the month of October 13th the year 1972.The chartered flight 571 of Uruguayan Air force carrying 45 passengers of which an entire rugby team with friends and family crash landed in the Andes Mountain. Initially around 29 of them survived, later again an avalanche took lives of many which swept the whole the people inside the shelter of the wreckage. It is considered as in human but in order to survive then went into a horrific event. The food shortage resulted in starvation and loss of body heat. The survivors had little food and no source of heat in the harsh conditions at over 3,600 meters (11,800 ft) altitude.

"Flight crash between the Borders of Argentina and Chile
“Flight crash between the Borders of Argentina and Chile


The rescue mission too was abandoned and the people had no chance but to hope. The condition went to such an extreme that they turned into cannibals, they preserved and stored their fellow member’s dead body and ate them to retain the body heat. It is horrific to imagine, finally the decision was made and two of their people “Nando Parrado” and “Roberto Canessa” walked across the Andes for around 10 days and finally met a person from Chile, who provided them food and alerted the authorities to go back and rescue the remaining persons.


The Brave Hearts--"Nando   Parrado and "Roberto Canessa"
The Brave Hearts–“Nando Parrado and “Roberto Canessa”

While watching this movie, I saw a scene wherein the sister of Nando is severely injured and at one point of time she dies. Later the people who are in starvation ask Nando whether to feed themselves from the dead meat of her sister. This is one of the emotional and unimaginable scenes ever created. This scene is really touching, just think about the condition, wherein the brother is helpless and is unaware of the situation of what to do, whether to bury her sister or to feed the other’s to retain their health. In order to hope nad create trust amoung the survivors of returning back nando will carry a small shoe, which he unites with one of the passenger. It took around 2 months for the helicopters to return and rescue the people, of whom they considered literally dead.

I want to end this article with a quote below.



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“No matter whatever happens in life, it’s you who will become stronger and bolder, have faith in you and have courage to beat the odds.”

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