Dec 11 2013

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DIY Vases: Tutorial to make colorful vases


It’s always fun to make colorful things by your own. So, here is a small tutorial to make some cute, little, DIY vases to decorate your home… Have fun doing it!!

diy vases

Things you need:

  • Some old glass bottles.
  • Bottles full of salt
  • Some colorful threads
  • Powdered colors
  • Some dried twigs

Procedure to make colorful DIY vases:

Step 1:

  diy vases

Take a small amount of salt and any color of your choice on a sheet of paper and mix them well.

Step 2:

diy vases

Pour this salt mixture into one of the bottles with the help of a paper. It is better if the salt layer is not surfaced (let it be randomly layered).

Step 3:

diy vases

Continue pouring the salt mixed with different colors until the bottles are filled completely.

Step 4:

diy vases




Now, take a dried twig and a colored thread. Tie a knot one end of the twig with the thread and start wrapping it around, all over the twig. You can change the color of the thread in between. Make this with all other twigs.

Step 5:

diy vases

Now, place these wrapped twigs inside the vases filled with salt. Your cute, little colorful DIY vases are ready. You can make as many as you like with different sizes as well.

Hope you had fun doing it… :-) :D You just made a new vase to decorate your home :)


-Shama Hegde

 ‘Incredibly creative and veritably artistic’


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  1. Sandesh

    Good one Shama way to go! but i know the stress in studies but do make some time to spend on articles of your choice may be the posts related to cooking the indian food can take help from your bhabi or your mom.This will definitely help bachelors like me to have strong appetite :)

    PS: Don’t disturb Mr Busy man your bro turned Uncle Shivananda for suggestions ;)

    1. Shivanandana Hegde

      Ahaaa…… Got ur point bro…. but ‘busy’ ness is only temperory.. it will fade away in time.. Mr. Ajjappa… :-P :-P :-P

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