Our Mission

Infomandala is a non-profit community created with a sole intention of ‘Giving something back to the society’.

We are just ‘average minds’ with above average aspirations. We believe that the knowledge, the experience that we take from our society, from our lives, stays with us till the last day of our life… however if we share all those, it may stay  much much longer..

We had so many ideas to show, knowledge to share, people to get involved.. but the problem was that we didn’t know how to achieve this!!

The History of Infomandala:

From July 2010, we started slowly setting up the website. Infomandala was a ‘CHAOS‘.  We had no idea on website development, no idea what to put in, how to optimize the contents, how to present our thoughts properly…etc…

Way back in 2011, I remember, when we hosted our website with an ‘uncanny’ name, infomandala’.The name it self had enormous meaning but was hard to understand. 

For a year or so, we were still in confusion… About the layout, about the content, about the authors, the design… etc…..

In Sept 2011, Our Infomandala looked liked this (below image)..  I still get a smile when I look at this pic…. We had the tag line.. ‘Cherish and relish before you perish’… 

Infomandala 2011
Infomandala 2011 ( Click to enlarge)

After lot of feedbacks from my dearest friends and people around me.. .‘infomandala’ underwent a series of changes and a series of revolution to turn into what it is today. I am not saying that we have achieved the best we could but we have definitely  improvised a lot.

The Mystery of Infomandala:

The greatest mystery to a ‘small-scale’ mind like me is that I still have no idea of many things like getting the right people to this website, involving and discussing with friends and even strangers, to make our articles more interesting, to be a true ‘Global’ community etc etc etc….  For any reasons, I don’t know why our own people hesitate to involve.

Our own friends, classmates and colleagues who have ample amount of knowledge, serious visions;  do not want to step in.

I still don’t know what is stopping them. Is it any personal issue or whatever.. I have no clue!!

The Contradictory:

Right now, we have 2 authors running Infomandala. I am very proud of my co-author and pillar of this website who is playing the key role in keeping our ‘mission’ alive. Me & Sandesh are completely unrelated unique personalities in our line of thinking, way of expression and presentation. There is however one common thing in us which aligns exactly to the primary goal of this website that is… ‘Giving something back to the society’. There were many who stepped in and tried to contribute their bit but sadly due to their inconsistency and bad time management, ( or rather busy schedules?? ) all of them withdrew their support which only made us to be more strong and stubborn. 😉

The Victory:

For reference: This page is created on 9th of Sept 2013.

If I compare this day with the first day of the launch of Infomandala, there has been a ginormous amount of improvement in terms of website design, content quality, website visibility and overall growth. We used to have about 50-100 unique visitors per month and now we have around 50 to 100 unique visitors per day. (till today). We will always be trying and striving to thrive.

Here, I would also like to mention that there is a vast scope for anyone interested to take part in Infomandala community. If you find yourself to be among us, you are always welcome. We would recommend to keep our relationships more professional rather than personal. You can contact anyone of us in any way.

Infomandala has achieved only 10 to 30% of what we had dreamed of and there is a long long path to travel yet. So, this page might undergo a change.. may be we achieve something more may be we get to see more authors and contributors… Only time can answer these questions!!

-Shivanandana Hegde
Founder and Author,

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