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Books for life is a worth reading article which gives you  about the insights and summary of my past time hobby as a voracious reader it is my duty to mention the works and ideas of different authors. Yeah I know,I am late its been 90 days since my last post? where the hell was I? No updates busy with life? This is will be a kind of Informal post…

I can understand those readers mind who were eager to notice the post most often( who knows daily, weekly or monthly).So here I am coming back to the literary world.So did you think I was lost in touch with life no not at all.Was busy with books,books and books.Since last 4-5 months I read around 7 books.So I request the readers to have a personal copy of the same.Almost all of these books are mind boggling.


So the countdown and the review for these Books for life starts below.



1.The Strangest Man

By Graham Farmello


This book depicts about the life and work of Paul A. Dirac one the genius and the founding father of Quantum Mechanics.The book explains his work, family and also about the most bizarre behavior of what he was actually succumbed to,he was an autistic child from birth and lost his brother when he was in his teens.An engineer,mathematician and a Physicist as a whole he is one of the combination of a new generation of scientist/physicist.His work in quantum mechanics gave him a Nobel Prize in Physics on 1933.It looks strange that he is considered to be one of the most intellectually stable and a thought provoking individual of his era.Often with less speech and more work, he was always covered inside the world of sub atomic realm.Busy with his study he didn’t want anyone to disturb or come to his study room.The author gives a wonderful biographical approach to the life and work as if it feels at one point that this one resembles much as that of an autobiography.Really worth a read and one of the highly qualified research work from any of the author on this physicist so far.A must read for those who love biographies and science..


2. Brilliant Blunders

By Mario Livio


This book written by one of the famous astrophysicist and author who has written many other books related to space,science and mathematics explains about the mistakes committed by the famous people from Lord kelvin in the estimation of the age of earth to Albert Einstein in Addition/omission of the cosmological constant in gravity equation and that of Charles Darwin father of the theory of evolution.Lots of other works from famous scientists are also explained like Franklin Rosalind on working and obtaining the first X ray diffraction image of DNA and its double helix, who died of cancer in her ripe age to that of the clash between the giant Linus pauling and the young biologists watson and crick fighting for finding the result of double helix the basic structure of life which earned them the nobel prize.Still lots of the work and research are in store in this book and the author presents his view and ideas brilliantly.A must  read  for all the academicians,researchers and science lovers.


3.An Astronaut guide to life on earth

By Col Chris Hadfield.

This is an autobiographical work of one of the recent astronaut who became what one calls as people’s astronaut.This book depicts the life and work of Col Chris Hadfield canadian astronaut who became popular from his viral video “Space oddity” if you didn’t watched just try typing the same in youtube for online streaming and was one of the commander in ISS (International Space Station) during his mission days.He starts the book by mentioning his early childhood days and his memories of watch the first moon landing on the television on his neighbors place when he was 6 and from that day onward he had decided to become an astronaut.The book also tells about the efforts and hard work applied in carrying out successful mission.It is noted that the astronauts are trained rigorously nearly for a year prior to the launch.The entire process of getting into the space programme or a mission is very stringent. The books also tells us about the protocols and other process behind the pre and post launch from the Soyuz capsule as the NASA decommissioned all its shuttle mission.It makes the author to feel proud to be an astronaut as he is the first in his kind from the country of natural wonder Canada.Worth a read for all the kids, school,college students and also for dreamers  who have passion for space exploration.


4.The Element

By Sir Ken Robinson

He is one of the most highly influential speaker and also his speech is one of the most highly watched video in online community TED(Technology,entertainment ,Design).I am talking about none other than Sir Ken Robinson if you ever watched his TED video online i insist you to check out online.One of the most inspiring speeches ever made on the topic of education.He is one of the most inspirational person ever living to talk and insist us about the passion and the work behind doing something which you really love.His book passion is a collection of stories about most inspirational, motivational celebrities of the modern century and their pioneering work in their respective field.What he concludes in the book is explained through this one liner “Do what you love and love what you do” a must and must read for all the individuals who are creative, lateral thinkers and  those who are having the can do tendencies to break the barrier of everyday life.It is for those who live to work for the passion and dedication of the work itself.He says success doesn’t comes from money or fame, but it comes with the urge,interest and passion at your work which you love.


5.Th Elephant Whisperer

By Lawrance anthony


It is been around 8 months or so since I read an online article about  a person and his true story about living with a herd, who died a couple of years back and a herd of elephants came by to mourn his death.These elephants mourned his death for nearly 3 days and to the surprise I read further that these herd had traveled more than 200 miles , to arrive at his home to mourn.How is it possible, who is this guy? yes the hunt began and I finally came to know about his work and also an autobiography written by the same person lawrance anthony .I purchased this book and started reading, this book explains about the effort the author took place in relocating the wild elephant from Africa’s wild reserve to his own reserve named Thula Thula.These elephants are literally rogue in the beginning and he struggles really hard to make them habitable and settle them across his game reserve. One of the eldest female elephant Nana and her love towards the author is given in brief and also the author writes that this elephant and her herd took/accepted him as one among their family.He also noted that elephants have stomach rumblings which makes ultrasonic vibrations, not audible to human hearing based on these vibrations they communicate with other species of the same kind in farther distance, for many miles altogether, may be that is the reason behind their arrival from miles altogether to mourn the author’s death.A wonderful/Interesting read for animal behaviorist and also to the people who love the life of elephants and other wildlife.The author also explains about other species on his game reserve in the book.


6.Space Chronicles

By Neil De Grasse tyson.


Now this one is worth a read, are you aware of the Cosmos by carl sagan, now the same documentary with more visual treat has been remade in Cosmos: The Space time Odyssey with the author of the book as the narrator.Wonderful episode is being aired with almost 6 episode completed(since writing this post) a must watch for all space lovers.Now coming back to this book written by the author.This book explains about the the mystery and wonder of space and also about the future possibilities behind space exploration.He unlocks the story of the first satellite launched by russia Sputnik to the bravest and bold decision taken from the USA to launch the first Man on Moon.The issues related to the cost and budget  faced by NASA post Appollo era has also been addressed.The author explains various initiatives taken from other countries like India, China and japan on Space Mission.He notes and addresses the crisis and efforts taken by USA in recent years and insist them to strengthen the needs and necessities by building and launching spacecraft to Mars and beyond.He also notes how space age enhanced the lifestyle and created the modern world which we live in and take it for granted.Totally worth a read for people showing interest in the future of space and the nation’s role in it.He also gives hints about exploring,colonizing Mars  as robots task are predefined and limited in the exploration process.He also notes about asteroid mining for extracting noble metals and other valuable minerals and addresses the issue about the possible asteroid impact  and our preparation for it on earth and its deadly catastrophe in the past which wiped out the dinosaurs.


7 C.V Raman

By Uma Parameswari


Life and legacy of India’s most brilliant man often titled as “The Man of Science” is written splendidly by the author.This biographical work explains about Raman as a person and his scientific genius.He is the only Indian to win a Nobel prize in physics for “The Raman effect”.The author notes how Raman hated to receive a prize under a country enslaved to a foreign reign.He took the prize under british raj, he quoted that “I felt really sad heartened to receive a prize where for the country which didn’t had its own Flag”.He is one and only indigenous scientist ever lived and worked for science.He is been awarded as the India’s prestigious “Bharath Ratna” highest civilian honorary award.It is worth noted that S. Chandrasekar famous astrophysicist is one of  his nephew. Sir C.V.until his death struggled and worked hard for science, often in many lectures and address he has given and mentioned about the scientific inquiry through practical results needs to be done that that of believing in the facts and figures..He also told many researchers and other students to question everything and ask what you want, fight for it until you obtain a reasonable and justifiable answer.Man of principles, he always mentioned to other to make use of the craftsman to build a cost effective , efficient equipment for scientific research.He also mentioned about the burden in importing the goods and its cost from abroad.His most inspiring book which transformed his life was “The light of Asia ” by Edwin Arnold and also  “The physiology of vision” by Helmholtz.His pioneering work is still being addressed in various field from nanotechnology to astrophysics.The only person who didn’t took a single penny as a funding from the government and built the research institute RRI(Raman Research Institute) Bangalore,India through crowd funding in those decades.He love for emeralds and diamonds is worth a notice in the book.Really worth a read about this scientific mind who lived for science in both the pre and post Independent India.


This completes the article “Books for life” hope you enjoyed reading and I insist you to buy and read these books as there are still more fascinating facts and information which is waiting for you to be revealed


“The memories we cherish and the thoughts we nourish without these great books our minds will simple perish”

Sandesh Shanmugam

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