“FEAR” : The Most Powerful input for a Mind!! . . [ Part -1 ]




 One of the most neglected and most over-looked input or feeling of a human being is Fear!!

Fear is considered as ‘Bad’.. Something represented in  Red and Black!!

An Evil!! Something which is considered to ruin our confidence, destroy our faith, something which is always linked with Devils, Zombies, Monsters, Evil spirits... and Satan or a  bad Omen!   Something that we are constantly told to get rid of..

That is what we have been told…. From ages, from a very very long time… and unfortunately, that’s what we believe!!!

Well…… It is very difficult to challenge the ‘traditional’ and superstitious thinking because old thoughts, beliefs and traditional stories have grown like a big “Banyan Tree’ planting its roots so deep under our minds that we don’t even realize that those ‘roots’ are actually holding us from doing what we actually can.. I mean….. to unleash the complete potential!!

Lets put a Pin to this here and move on to the actual topic.

Why can’t we use ‘Converse of theorem’ to a statement which says.

>>      “Every good thing has a bad side”     <<

..                   Which derives.. 

>>     “Every Bad thing has a good side too“!!!     <<

Lets just think of the positive effects of  FEAR!!

  • How can a soldier fight longer than possible?
  • How can an athlete run faster than possible?
  • How does a normal man, after becoming rich, always remains rich?
  • How do we learn balancing a 2-wheeler??
  • How does a person balance himself on a rope?
  • ………………….   etc etc etc….... ( You know what I mean)

Well…  You already know the answer…. Because of FEAR!!!

soldier_in_battle-wallpaper-1920x1200-1024x640 tightRope running-race
Trust me… It is because of FEAR!!

Fear is 3 dimensional. It has Reason, Time and most importantly…  “Intensity”.

Fear is common among Animals and Humans… Then how come we are different from animals???

The Fact is that….  Animals have only 1 kind of  fear.. Fear of Death or Pain !!


But Humans??  There is a big list…

* Fear of heights
* Fear of public speaking.
* Fear of intimacy.
* Fear of failure.
* Fear of success.
* Fear of death.
* Fear of rejection ………..Show More / Hide

* Fear of spiders.
* Fear of needles
* Fear of abandonment
* Fear of clowns
* Fear of water
* Fear of God
* Fear of snakes
* Fear of being alone
* Fear of falling
* Fear of change
* Fear of dentist
* Fear of germs
* Fear of dogs
* Fear of cats
* Fear of money
* Fear of Friday the 13th
* Fear of crowds
* Fear of people
* Fear of technology
* Fear of bridges
* Fear of self
* Fear of hair
* Fear of engulfment
* Fear of vomiting
* Fear of stupid people
* Fear of selling
* Fear of music
* Fear of hospitals
* Fear of night
* Fear of losing money
* Fear of darkness
* Fear of belly buttons
* Fear of open spaces
* Fear of phone
* Fear of thunder
* Fear of itching
* Fear of missing out
* Fear of Diseases.
* Fear of aging!
* Fear of Job.
* Fear of Transgenders.
* Fear of Rain.
* Fear of Good! etc.,….etc…etc….. ~~~ This is just 1% of it!!

 CERO_fear.png   afraid kid
I was just wondering that No matter how much we get rid of our fear with the help of someone or from an unbiased  luck!! No matter how much we run away from it, no matter how much we avoid it… .. Fear will find us back in one or the other way!!

No matter how much Fear has destroyed, it has also helped us to survive!! I mean, if you ask me… The entire earth still exists because of FEAR!!

Most of us already know the Dark side of Fear though. Even then, I have to mention them to be more clear of what I am trying to convey! Saying this, here are some examples of misuse of Fear!

  • Fear of pain and cruel punishment was exploited by people like Hitler, Mussolini and Saddam to tighten their grip over common man and hold their position as dictators.
  • Fear of loosing something.. makes people not to compete!! Same fear makes us find ‘Short-Cuts‘, to Cheat, to betray, to back stab!
  • Many people back off from asking questions because they are  ‘afraid’ that their peers might think that they are ‘less knowledgeable’!
  • Fear of what other people think makes you not live the life you want!! 🙁
  • Fear of failing in exams makes a student less confident and restless!
  • Fear of being rejected makes a person weak and lonely!
  • Fear of Devils, Zombies and monsters prevents us from walking around at nights.
  • Fear of not being ‘Loved’ makes us choose wrong partners at wrong time!
  • Fear of loosing loved ones makes people stupid… even to an extent that they commit suicide!! 🙁
  • Fear of losing social status makes people to commit crimes!  etc…etc…etc…..   and etc….

Did you observe what’s common in all the above scenarios??

What I observed is that”The ‘Thing’ what we fear of losing is lost because of the fear of losing it”   Humm… Bit confusing.. but go on… read it again.. I know you are smart enough to understand!!

There are many consequences of not having Fear in place. There are many blunt people who say “I don’t fear anything”,  ” I have no Fear at all”, “Fear is not in my dictionary”, “Fear itself is afraid of me.”... blaaa blaaaa blaaa…. We know this is BS.. Being a human being, only insane and mentally challenged people won’t know what fear is.

Trust me on this when I say that even the most ‘Confident’ person in the universe will be nervous before he puts on a show. The most famous public speaker’s heart rate will increase when he stands in front of a new crowd. Any confident athlete will surely sweat before he/she participates. Even after writing many articles and public posts, you think I don’t have any fear before putting on this article? I fear what if my article looks dumb to others? What if someone has already made a point about this and mine seems like a ‘copy’? What if there are mistakes in what I write? What if I can’t properly express what I want to in the first place?? So on and so forth… ~~

Well…. Very lately I was just wondering, why can’t we reverse-engineer this??  Why can’t we USE Fear for our own good??  Idea sounds childish though… but trust me.. I was not drunk or high on weeds while thinking this. Its a rational and very valid thought.

You know from where I got this Idea? From a rhyming word  FIRE…!


Fire —  burns, hurts, it destroys, damages…. Obviously, it is to be Afraid of….

I mean… Fire is God in some cultures and Devil in some; but still, people are smart enough  to USE FIRE for their benefit. We use it for so many good purposes as well!! Then why not FEAR?????

I have to conclude this part with some examples which are in this website.

  •  How can a Pet-Dog find a cure to its bad health condition? It can be a ‘God gift’ or whatever… but still.. FEAR of death is what triggers that right?

Click here to check it out.

  • Why do animals become over-possessive when they give birth to young ones?

Click here to look at a sample.

So, how to use it for our benefit?? How to experiment on Fear in a controlled environment??

You will have to wait for Part 2 of this article!!


– Shivanandana Hegde        

‘Curious to learn; Generous to Share’


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      2) Bad font..?? Come on dude…its neither your school’s ‘Hand-Writing’ competition nor its meant to impress anyone with Font!!!

      No offense… But seriously consider my first point!! “Stop judging and start thinking” is my humble suggestion!!

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