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Preface:This is the continuation of the same article titled as Crossing of Memory Part 1.Here in this second part I will explain about my experience in the Post graduate M.Tech (which is equivalent of MS) in the same Biomedical engineering stream.Into the reflection is a memory crossover of my post graduation life at manipal university india.


Long before, I came to notice Manipal University, when I was studying in 4th standard around 10 years of age, when my aunt was admitted to  KMC ( Kasturiba Medical Hospital) for some operation, which I not even remember may be to remove some cysts. After looking at the doctors and the practitioners and their knowledge behind medicine. I was amazed and set my mind to pursue a career in medicine. In reality this dream didn’t turned well, I got very less rank in my medical entrance test. This resulted  my interest towards something which binds both the fields together, the inspiration for this happened while I was in standard 8 or 9 in my school when I watched a series of show in National Geographic channel titled as “The Human Edge”, this program really amazed me and when i saw for the first time the bio-material technology, prosthesis and exoskeletons on that show. I made my mind if not medical ill go for engineering which inspires the medical field.


MIT of India
Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) Manipal,India

What I believe is that whatever you decide in your childhood will indeed builds your career and motivates you indirectly. There is a story behind my graduate Engineering (B.E) admission, wherein I forgot to get my demand draft or D.D and left it in my native. I really thought that I will not be an engineer anymore, my father contacted few people, who were  working in MNC’s and IT Firms at that time, they all bought the cash, but the admission cell (CET-Common Entrance Test cell) refused as they insisted only DD. My reporting time was in the morning at around 8 Am, where no other banks will be open. Luckily my father had helped one of his well wisher to get him a medical seat in management quota, of which I was furious as I was insisting him to get one engineering seat for myself. What you do will come to you within this time of your life, yes it was indeed a circle of karma. One of his relative(well wisher’s) was a   bank manager staying few crosses next to the examination cell, he opened the bank prepared a DD and sent it across through his daughter and called my father and told him her identity. Everything happened at such a pace of time that no other influential person will get this done, this fast.


Manipal University Edu Building
Manipal University Edu Building

I am really thankful to the manager who is no more now and also to his daughter, this is the story of getting my seat for engineering which is supposed to be the beginning of the part 1. In the counselling for my engineering seat selection there was many different streams like electronics, computer science and biotechnology. What flashed right on the screen was Biomedical. I haven’t heard of this branch, in fact no one ever heard of this branch. At this point of time my imagination triggered and I thought it as equivalent to medicine. Yes at some point it is worth to be considered that a Biomedical engineer is a life’s saver, but only through technology and its assistance with a doctor. My father was really unaware of this field; and asked me many time about the course selection I was determined.

Went a long walk all alome from Manipal to Malpe around 25 kms, while i was in second year..
Went for a jog and a long walk all alone from Manipal to Malpe Beach around 25 kms, while i was in second year(during the time of placements)..

I was eager to pursue master’s after completion of my basic engineering degree .I was really interested to study in this place as it was there standing always in front of me in the form of lost memory.I finally got a seat for my master’s program at Manipal Institute of Technology through entrance exam; the selection for this college was planned by me along with two of my known close buddies. One of them flied to Singapore as he got an offer at Nyanyang Technological University (NTU).Rest of the two that is me and my other friend had the fate which was already decided, even I applied for passport which in fact roamed around and took 1 year to receive, I think I was unlucky at that point in time but was lucky enough to study in my dream place. The course is said to be a two year study, wherein the first year consists of two semesters and the second year completely dedicated to project. What you say the world is round always isn’t it, the girl who made me stronger again joined a course in this place. I said to myself what!! Why me!! Oh no not again!!.But I controlled my emotions and concentrated on studies. Initial days of studies was horrible, I thought to myself to quit and move back to search for job. Before joining for this college I made a birthday party along with a reunion with my school friends, thanks to the contacts of which I will explain why it helped me in later.


During Convocation ceremony
During Convocation ceremony

Then at the time of semester examination there was a birthday party of my friend, on that day we friends had a slight misunderstanding of which I still feel bad sometimes, that it should never had happen. But you can’t change the fate after your actions. Almost everyone in that team refused to mingle with me in the way they used to before. I was Isolated alone from the herd of classmates, who took least interest on my part of so called enjoyment and happening. This stuck me emotionally; it was indeed a depressing thought to quit college. Now I feel it as immature, but think this situation in which everything’s goes well suddenly there is a halt in lifestyle?? . I phoned my family and couple of school friends for support, that couldn’t help me, in the masters the days were different, I wasn’t aware that we all look each other to kill rather to develop. This selfish attitude made me sick as I was good at cooperation than competition. I attended first semester and somehow managed to get a 7.38 /10 gpa. In the second semester I fought back stronger, I made new friends apart from my classmates. This boosted my confidence, I made lots of juniors as my friends, they were truly inspiring and motivational young lions I must say. Made friends with my roommates classmates of another branch, even these people were marvelous giant in their respective fields.


The Journey Continues...
The Journey Continues…

I completed my 2nd semester with flying colors 8.5/10 gpa, which according to me was impossible. Thanks to my classmates indirectly for boosting and making me who I really was and also guiding me indirectly to tap my extraordinary potential. After I submitted my project report, while departing from the college, my HOD asked my marks and he was really happy for me. He told me that he used to see me walk alone across the college campus, and he know how I suffered from loneliness and also said that I saw you with no other friends. He told me even he felt bad, but ended up saying that all these people won’t come with you, it is just like neglecting these people by thinking there absence, listen them from one ear and remove them in the other. Don’t bother to remember these people.And all i said was these words “Thank you sir that was one wonderful piece of advice from your side which I didn’t expected to hear from”. With the blessings of my well wishers I got selected through campus and got a job in one of the leading software company.


“It takes hours to sharpen the knife, but seconds to assassinate a species and this true story is all about the sharpening of attitude of what I was weak at”

“Sandesh S”


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