Men of Inspiration (Part 1)


Couple of months back, I bought few sets of books of my interest from a reputed online store. These books in some point of time made me ask the question, how amazing the people and their work are in which particular field they struggled a lot. What made them not to fall trap and fought back with the never ending negativity of day today activities. Some really amaze us in their books about their very passion to strive, while a couple of them hated their current state and wanted to get rid of them.


These inspiring people are the topic of interest for this article which explains the very nature behind one’s success. The efforts which they applied to get rid of horrific conditions in one case even cancer. Few of them made controversies, rumor and sometimes currently one among these men had fallen prey to criticism. This article is not to hurts anyone’s feelings, nor to prove anyone’s greatness, this article is to identify and respect those individual who directly or indirectly helped us in seeking the motivation, while we were in hardships and despair.


The first book deals with the person, who was not that much favourite sport than in the year 1999.He was and still is the most controversial, and some call him doper, or fluke. But still I support him not for winning a sport, but for motivating people around the world for what he had achieved in his personal life. I read both of his books titled as It’s not about the Bike My Journey Back to lifeand Every Second Counts”. I got the opportunity to read both of these books, and I was really inspired from reading this book about a person, who was suppose to be a triathlon(A Guy who is good in 3 fields of sports like swimming, sprinting or running , and cycling) consumed from cancer, which made him sick again and again. This sickness not only attacked him once, but the diagnosis from the doctor at the beginning was such that he had cancer spread in 3 organs. His ambition and goal of achieving and giving something for his country shackled in despair, when he heard about this news.

"Life's race never end"
“Life’s race never end”


We all know about him recently that he gave back all his titles and medals back to the cycling federation as they tested him positive for doping in the famous “Tour De France“which is suppose to be 2000 odd miles cycling race for which the cyclists train for a whole year. I still support this person no matter what he did to the people, or his country doesn’t matter the most. His contribution and the uplifting the foundation named as “Livestrong Foundation”, is proving and improving its motto in aiding and serving the people who are suffering from various forms of cancer. I salute to Lance Armstrong for his work not in the betterment of cycling but in the contribution to cancer. It is because of him, and his state of cycling that I got an inspiration and the interest back again into cycling to know more on this read the article “Back to the Past”.


"Game of battle"
“Game of battle”

The second guy, who really amazes me is also said to be a sport fraternity. Since my childhood days I used to hear him a lot in television, back in the 90’s there was no much cable channels available. In the mid 90’s  it came to existence, in the later part of the 90’s that too in the beginning on the new millennium all of a sudden there came the existence and dominance of cable channels. My brother used to talk about this game which was stranger to me as i was used to see cricket and was suppose to be addicted into it much. The interest in understanding the game was out of bounds to me at that time. Then all of a sudden came the news  which was announced that in the Olympic game that year an Indian named Leander Paes had won a medal for the country in Tennis. He lost the game against the champion player Andre Agassi to get a bronze medal. Who was this world No 1 player Agassi, I asked to myself, and the long awaiting question was solved once I bought the book titled “Open an autobiography by the legend of the game of tennis. His started his career at the age of 6 and was not at all willing to be a tennis player, but was forced by his father, as his father desire was to be a make him a pro in tennis. In fact his father made a tennis court all by himself behind the backyard of his home in order to help practice tennis for the young Agassi.

He also explains in the book about how he always used to get Pete Sampras at the finals, which was almost a treat to the spectators, as what now Roger Federer and Nadal’s duo. He also explains about his affairs, gossips and finally marriage with Stefanie Graf . His last match, as the book itself starts with this match. His interest in the foundation for education as he lacked it, and used to blame himself for not being educated well enough to meet the needs of today’s world. He does not want it to happen to his kids as he explains it in the book and also its existence as Andre Agassi Foundation”.They truly are Men of Inspiration to somebody in the long distance.

Overall it’s really worth a read as it gave insight about the life of athletes, in every angle, that they saw and how they by themselves under the influence of inspiring people around them overcome the odds and mysteries of failures.



“Read for the betterment of your brain activity”

“Sandesh S”



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