Men of Inspiration (Part 2)


This article Men of Inspiration (Part 2) is the continuation of the articleMen of Inspiration (Part 1).


This articles deals with one man, whose vision was unbelievably stronger than any of us. Who was born a family holding not so well built economy, made his fortune out of discipline and hard work in the three respective fields that one can never imagine. I purchased his book title “Total Recall” and started reading it and it is really an inspiration for all, I do recommend to all the people to go through the book and get inspiration from this mammoth being of both physical fitness and a person possessing a power house of positive thinking. He is none other than the Terminator of our era “Arnold Schwarzenegger”.



This is the story about a man from the Europe, who having vision of America as one of his dream land and a destination; to achieve something beyond his limits was destined to cherish his goals. Born near a village of Austria .His father a local police chief was very strict and disciplined, in fact Arnold had rough and tough times in his childhood. But the interest in building his body came to him at the age of 15.He also enrolled himself in army and served as a tank operator, his dream of building a body of herculean nature was almost a dream. He did it too by performing tasks like cutting and fetching the woods from the forests, hiking and doing push up’s and reps in which one fails to notice his power of almost infinite energy while watching him train is infact a visual treat for some. His long wish to become Mr Universe and Mr Olympic came true and also in fact in the 70’s made a docudrama title as “Pumping Iron”.I have watched this one, and it is really a nice movie.


"The Body Builder"
“The Body Builder”


His dream to visit America indeed came true after being noticed by the popular fitness photographer and author for many fitness magazines Joe Wieder, who gave an opportunity to create hype on his body to the general public in such an extent that the body building became the very song for almost all the Americans at that time. His presence itself at some point of time made something special to the people around. It is worth a note Arnold studied and finished his college in business at America, his interest in business and also about the economics and real estate market research gave and shaped in him a new urge to pursue and study about the real estate.

"The Movie Star"
“The Movie Star”


His physic and body became a symbol in America; his success of the docu drama “Pumping Iron” boosted his interest on acting. In the beginning he acted in the movie titled Hercules, in fact the very idea behind acting or to become an actor came to his mind when he watched Reg Park and steve reeves and Johnny Weissmuller in big screen. This led to a new step to move into the movie business and also he acted as a cameo for TV shows. He recollects it inch by inch, with such a clarity that it brings one to a conclusion that the very event of his recollected memories is in fact occurring right in front of the reader’s eyes. The success of his movie the “Conan the Barbarian” still makes him think about his work on the spots. His interaction and involvement for the movie Terminator with the director “James Cameron“ is worth a notice in the book, there are in fact many things which he shares about the movies, where he is paired and acted, one definitely needs to read it to know it better.

"The Leader of the hearts"
“The Leader of the hearts”


The third entry in his life is about his marriage with Maria Shiever from the famous Kennedy family. His involvement and interaction with the George Bush Senior whom he still considers as one of close political friends is worth a notice His involvement in the politics and his interest in contesting elections as a Governor for the California state leading to his two term victory, and his interest in helping the people to fight global warming is worth noticed. His interest in Eco energy and also the development of eco energy projects under his term is mentioned in the last part of the book. Overall a must have book in your personal library, it also has various images, which recollects the life of the 63 year old bodybuilder, turn actor, turn politician and draws his  importance in today’s world. There are indeed numerous things to say as this single post is not enough for it, which gives discomfort for the reader, who already bought and read the book.


“Reading Inspiring books gives motivation and helps to understand one’s struggle”

Sandesh S



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