The new Seven Wonders of the world – Know yourself – Infomandala

The new Seven Wonders of the world – Know yourself – Infomandala

We know about the famous seven wonders of the world. (New and Old) However, have you ever realized the fantastic 7 wonders of that are bestowed within us?

Call me old fashioned; but this just came to my mind and couldn’t resist to write about it.

The awesome 7 wonders that I am talking about are below. I wouldn’t go in to explaining the common known facts;  but as the theme of this website says.. ‘Know the Unknown‘.. I would elaborate on commonly neglected and unknown matters.

1. Eyes – The first in wonders of the world

New Wonders eyesThe glory of vision doesn’t make ‘Eyes’ to be on top of the seven wonders that we possess. The ability to see the beauty, colors, patterns and most of all, the ability to see ourselves in mirrors are all good but there is more.. Eyes give us a way to express our intense feelings. We get tears in both intense Happiness and sorrow. Eyes help us to get rid of unwanted burden from our mind. This is the reason why women are mostly smiling, charming and relaxed.

2. Nose- The second in wonders of the world

New Wonders NoseThe Aroma of a flower, a scent, even the sweet smelling mud….  Who wouldn’t want that? But even before we jump in to the ability to smell, Nose is one of those seven wonders which helps us to breathe easily. Not only does it give us a distinct facial structure but also the privilege to enjoy the freshness of nature. We use our nose for many things that get un-noticed. For example, if a food item like vegetable, fruit or a dish is spoiled. Without this wonder, we would  first have to taste them and then realize!! Yuk..!!  🙁  The only time I hate my nose is when I have cold though!! LOL.! 🙂 Now you know why Nose is one of the seven wonders of nature.


3. Ears – The third in wonders of the world

New Wonders EarsThe differentiating factor that I present in ‘Ears’ that is not present in any other wonders of nature is  the ability to hear ‘Music’. We may somehow communicate our feelings and expressions in written or sign language. However, listening to the melodious music is an amazing gift that is bestowed upon us. Many people who have anger management issues, depressions and many intense negative feelings have found comfort in music.

4. Tongue – Fourth in wonders of the world

New Wonders TongueNothing much to say here. Am I referring to the fact that we can taste? We can enjoy the luxury of yummy and delicious food around us? Nope. That my friend is just what we all know. What makes the ‘Tongue’ to be on my list of ‘Wonders of Nature’ ? Its the ability to ‘Talk’. We make and break relations just by our words. We win, lose, suffer, enjoy and regret because of the choice of our words. I do agree that a ‘Tongue’ can be both blessing and a curse. Depends on how we use it and on whom!. However, it still makes it in the list of Wonders of this creation.

5. Skin – Fifth in wonders of the world

New Wonders SkinNow by this time, you might be wondering.. “Ah.. I get it.. This guy is just explaining about our ‘Sense Organs’. Well, it is a Yes and a NO.! If we think that we have Sense organs, we just use them to sense. If we believe that we have ‘Wonders’. We can use them to create Wonders. If not to the world; at least to ourselves? Skin shows your hard work by ‘sweating’.

Now, why is it on the list? Just remember the ‘Comfort’ that your loved one gave by holding hands and palms. Skin is helpful in ‘Relaxing’. The massage, the awesome shower of hot water, the Jacuzzi… Well, all of these are a way to relax. Needless to say that anything that you apply on your body is first felt by your skin. The coldness of ice, warmness of heat and softness are all first felt by our skin.This ability to ‘Feel’ makes it one among the new seven wonders of nature.!

6. Nature itself!

New Wonders NatureWell, Nature itself is a miracle. It is like an umbrella with more than a million wonders inside one big wonder. The Sun, the Moon, the air, the water, the light, the darkness, the aroma, plants, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, rain, sea, ocean, clouds, fire, trees, insects, stones, sand, reefs etc etc.. A never ending list. We can cherish this creation everyday if we choose to do so. Now, nature has a very vast meaning. The Eco system that we live in. The entire world or universe is sometimes referred to as ‘Nature’. Doesn’t it deserve to be  a wonder?

7. Friends & Family

New Wonders Family All the wealth that we accumulate, all the riches, luxuries that we possess will be meaningless if , at some time, we don’t dedicate them to our loved ones. What is the point of keeping happiness in ourselves when we have a fair chance to ‘Multiply’ it?

Why are our Friends & Family considered as wonders? Because of their ability to accept us as and how we are.  They are the one who defined our values and ethics at our earlier stage. They are the only reliable, stable and trustworthy people who can hug us when we are doomed. We don’t set our foot with an intention to fail but when we do, man that is the time when you realize.. ‘There is no home like the one you’ve got cuz that home belongs to you’..!!.

What’s the Take-Away from this? 


Believe that you are bestowed with ‘WONDERS’ and you would surely move forward in creating Wonders. If not to the World, at least to yourself.!


Now, I was just Wondering that it would be Wonderful if you can share anything that has worked ‘Wonders’ for you.  Make sure to Comment! 🙂



Shivanandana Hegde

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