A thoughtful day to remember

This article “A thoughtful day to remember…” is all about the experience shared with the Final year Biomedical students and Post graduate student friends. It is been 15 days ever since the New Year and now it is festival day Pongal and Sankranthi here in the Southern part of India especially in the states like … Read moreA thoughtful day to remember

“FEAR” : The Most Powerful input for a Mind!! . . [ Part -1 ]

     One of the most neglected and most over-looked input or feeling of a human being is Fear!! Fear is considered as ‘Bad’.. Something represented in  Red and Black!! An Evil!! Something which is considered to ruin our confidence, destroy our faith, something which is always linked with Devils, Zombies, Monsters, Evil spirits… and … Read more“FEAR” : The Most Powerful input for a Mind!! . . [ Part -1 ]

Essence of Spiritualism

“Dedicating this article Essence of Spiritualism to the creators of my life My Mother and My Father and also my shared blood Brother and his family”.   This post is all about my experiments with GOD and PHILOSOPHY.It is been a long time since i have posted any of the article related to spirituality and … Read moreEssence of Spiritualism