A thoughtful day to remember

This article “A thoughtful day to remember…” is all about the experience shared with the Final year Biomedical students and Post graduate student friends. It is been 15 days ever since the New Year and now it is festival day Pongal and Sankranthi here in the Southern part of India especially in the states like … Read moreA thoughtful day to remember

Into the reflection

  Preface:This is the continuation of the same article titled as “Crossing of Memory Part 1”.Here in this second part I will explain about my experience in the Post graduate M.Tech (which is equivalent of MS) in the same Biomedical engineering stream.Into the reflection is a memory crossover of my post graduation life at manipal … Read moreInto the reflection

“Medical Marvel”

There was a time when many of our old doctors thought of learning the function (physiology) of the human brain, Many doctors and other practitioners drew, studied structural and the anatomical nature of human brain. The study of their working  started in the late 21st century by the advent of  non-invasive medical devices like CT (Computed … Read more“Medical Marvel”

Game of Life?

This article Game of Life? is related to the childhood dreams on playing video games and acquiring creative skills which helps in the betterment of future. Ever since childhood I had a special interest in animation, cartoons and games. In my school days I was not as healthier as other kids. For more details regarding this … Read moreGame of Life?

Inspired Machine?

Preface: This article Inspired Machine? is Inspired from my inner understanding between both the biological and Technological field of research.   This post is all about the correlation between the biological and Technological barrier that reside and inspire today’s world.It all began during the 18th century the creator charles babbage, the inspiring revolutionsit who thought of … Read moreInspired Machine?