A thoughtful day to remember

This article “A thoughtful day to remember…” is all about the experience shared with the Final year Biomedical students and Post graduate student friends. It is been 15 days ever since the New Year and now it is festival day Pongal and Sankranthi here in the Southern part of India especially in the states like … Read moreA thoughtful day to remember

Medicating Meditation!!

This article Medicating Meditation!! is all about the technique used to relax your mind and to concentrate on thoughtless existence.Meditation the word that took ages to transmit from the forest into the streets where the common man resides.The mind relaxing technique that not only controls the so called frustrations and negativity of modern day life.But … Read moreMedicating Meditation!!

Yikes Endowment by Divinity!!

  Information and Technology, Globalization, Forecast, Predictions, Inventions, Modernization, Research, Innovation…….. All of these have not found an answer to few simple things that happen in our daily life. Like how does 6th sense actually work?, what makes us to choose something? How do we make a judgment? Cure for diseases like Cancer, Its funny … Read moreYikes Endowment by Divinity!!