A thoughtful day to remember

This article “A thoughtful day to remember…” is all about the experience shared with the Final year Biomedical students and Post graduate student friends. It is been 15 days ever since the New Year and now it is festival day Pongal and Sankranthi here in the Southern part of India especially in the states like … Read moreA thoughtful day to remember

Boon of Life

Preface: This article is dedicated to the givers and donors of life. This article covers the source of life’s harbor to the source of life saver. Read the below lines to know more…   Water is naturally called as source of living. Almost all the species from Bacteria to Blue Whale live and prosper in … Read moreBoon of Life

“Inspired Living”

Preface:This post explains about the process of life and handling failure through circumstances and to cope up with Meditation and books to yield a happy future.This article is titled as inspired living where we seek inspiration from books and meditation. Often in times we fall down to the lowest, lose our family, friends and other … Read more“Inspired Living”