Shivagange [ಶಿವಗಂಗೆ ] – Review and Trip Experience

Shivaganga beautiful View Point

Shivagange is a mountain which is about 50 Kms from Bangalore, India and 8 Kms from Tumkur, India. ( on the way to Tumkur from Bangalore). Shivaganga is one of the places to visit near Bangalore on vacations. The entire mountain is in the shape of ‘Shiva-Lingam‘ and there is a natural flow of Ground water … Read more

5 Unknown inventors – who changed the world | Infomandala

Unknown inventors

These are our picks on 5 Unknown inventors who changed the world. We make use of many things everyday without knowing who invented them. It is strange that we never got a chance to recognize these unknown inventors . These are few among many unknown facts of the world. These are the 5 Unknown inventions … Read more

Unknown facts of the world

Unknown facts of the world

These are our Picks on ‘Unknown facts of the world’: 1) 95% of the ocean has not been explored Water covers 71% of earth ‘s surface. We see a lot of underwater videos on popular TV channels. However, one of the unknown facts of the world is that we have 95% of Ocean to explore and … Read more

Control computer from android : Chrome Remote Desktop

Control computer using android mobile phone

Thanks to Google, there is now another easier way to control computer from android.! It is often required to connect to our computers (Personal of prefessional) from a remote place. There are solutions like ‘Team Viewer’, ‘Join me‘ or even windows’s own remote assistnat. However, thanks to the growth of technology; we can now control computer from … Read more