Inspired Machine?

Preface: This article Inspired Machine? is Inspired from my inner understanding between both the biological and Technological field of research.   This post is all about the correlation between the biological and Technological barrier that reside and inspire today’s world.It all began during the 18th century the creator charles babbage, the inspiring revolutionsit who thought of … Read moreInspired Machine?

TUTORIAL: Create animated image ( Easy, Free and Secure).

The abbreviation “GIF” stands for “Graphics Interchange Format,” but you don’t need to remember that. What you should know is that a GIF is a compressed image file format. So, follow on this post to create animated image. Your own, custom made! An animated GIF is a graphic file type that is composed of many different images on … Read moreTUTORIAL: Create animated image ( Easy, Free and Secure).

“The Giant Numerical Prodigy”

This article is all about  “The Giant Numerical Prodigy” who is considered to be one of the rarest mathematician of all time.This is a marvelous true story of a prodigy and his genius unknown to the known world also unknown to the world of Mathematics.It is all about his legacy which remains as a triumph to the … Read more“The Giant Numerical Prodigy”