“Mountains of Misery (Part 1)”

Preface: This article is  titled as Mountains of Misery and is all about a true story, which is shared as a two part series. This post and its sequel are dedicated to the lives of the mountaineers who perished under the arms of snow covered peaks from Himalayas to Andes. This is a dedication to … Read more“Mountains of Misery (Part 1)”

Storage Evolution Part 3

This This article title Storage evolution Part 3 is the continuation of the second part Storage Evolution Part 2. In the last part we described about the advantages and the drawback behind the storage systems.If you have not checked about this click the link “Storage Evolution Part 2“. If you are reading this article for first … Read moreStorage Evolution Part 3

Storage Evolution part 2

This article Storage Evolution Part 2 is continuation of the First part.The solution for the water problem in the previous article “Storage Evolution Part 1” is that the people around the place checked and consulted many elders and decided that there was a water tanker in the next village, if they all contributed to getting the … Read moreStorage Evolution part 2