A thoughtful day to remember

This article “A thoughtful day to remember…” is all about the experience shared with the Final year Biomedical students and Post graduate student friends. It is been 15 days ever since the New Year and now it is festival day Pongal and Sankranthi here in the Southern part of India especially in the states like … Read moreA thoughtful day to remember

Greatest Master ever Part 2

This article Greatest Master ever Part 2 is the continuation from the previous article for more insight and information related to the previous article click this link. “Greatest Master ever Part 1“. After reading the books from the great master I thought of writing an article about him and express his vision and goals for … Read moreGreatest Master ever Part 2

“Dream Portal”

Preface: This article is highly imaginative and is subjected to more deep and creative thinking. Helpful for visionaries’ ideologists and creative thinkers.   What is a dream, why we are not in control of a dream, and what makes it more mysterious and what makes us think beyond our capacities. Various people from the poets to the … Read more“Dream Portal”

My Experiment on Weekends:
No. 1 – “A trip to Dharmastala”

Preface: Date : 23rd Feb 2013. Type: Travel. Source: Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Destination: ‘Dharmastala’, Karnataka, India. Purpose: Trekking + peace of mind!   Away from ‘urban life’…. I mean away from noisy atmosphere, smoky polluted air, junk food, busy people and stressful life… I just wanted to go out and trek for a day and … Read moreMy Experiment on Weekends:
No. 1 – “A trip to Dharmastala”

“Tapping the Unconscious”

This article Tapping the Unconscious deals with the human brain’s immense power to control any action unconsciously without any reason or doubt.So before we dwell into it let us seek the questions like the once given below. Who are we? What are we? where are we? These questions arise not only at this present moment, … Read more“Tapping the Unconscious”