Automatic wallpaper changer – Android

Automatic wallpaper changer – Android

automatic wallpaper changer on google play store

Automatic Wallpaper changer: The biggest concern when it comes to automating a task/application is Battery Life and RAMHowever, not with out Automatic wallpaper changer. Read on. 

This smart, Automatic wallpaper changer. Doesn’t take away precious battery & RAM. It is a simple, lite, free, Ad-Free, effective,  Automatic wallpaper changer..! Hence, this is one of the most essential android apps.

Change wallpaper automatically

What makes this automatic wallpaper changer special? You don’t lose your precious battery life and RAM!!

Also, Automatic wallpaper changer is localized in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hindi and Kannada!

                        Automatic wallpaper Changer_Russian               Automatic wallpaper Changer

Tired of manually changing your wallpaper that you have stopped changing it lately? Looking for a light weight, safe, free, reliable app to change wallpaper?
< Auto Wall is that app >

The next big concern now is Data Privacy and Advertisement.

Auto-Wall is the solution for all of these. Just keep all your wallpapers in a folder and set the time frequency. That’s it.


                 Automatic wallpaper Changer Folder                  Automatic wallpaper Changer Delay

The app doesn’t run any services in background. This means that it doesn’t consume any running RAM or battery.
(The App process is just cached only when the delay time occurs. Similar to your Alarm..!)

Automatic Wallpaper Changer permissions: Just Three of ’em .

1) READ_STORAGE: So that the App can read the images and then set them as wallpapers
2) SET_WALLPAPER: Obviously…!
3) Listens_to_Wake up: To run if the device is turned Off and then On.

Best Features of Automatic Wallpaper Changer:

  • Relatively small sized, completely automatic wallpaper changer
  •  Easy to Use and nice GUI.
  •  Free & Ad-Free – Always!
  •  Does not Run any services in background
    • – Hence, Lowest RAM and Battery consumption
    • – So, has to be started again after a Reboot (on some devices only)
  •  No Unnecessary permissions
    • – Hence, completely safe
  •  Renders any supported image
    • – JPG/JPEG and PNG are supported by android


 If you like this app, please don’t forget to leave a *good rating* to this Automatic Wallpaper Changer .

This helps the developers stay motivated and build more such apps. Free,Safe & Ad-Free apps makes the world a better place right?

The android tutorial on how to use it is available under ‘help’ menu of this app. Download and give it a try.

Bug reports, Concerns or need Support? Please write to Mention your device name & android version.

By the way, this Simple & Automatic wallpaper changer is my first app with fully fledged, extensive, exhaustive, android coding that took 2 months to develop and test..! 😛 🙂

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