Control computer from android : Chrome Remote Desktop

Control computer from android : Chrome Remote Desktop

Thanks to Google, there is now another easier way to control computer from android.!

Control computer using android mobile phone It is often required to connect to our computers (Personal of prefessional) from a remote place. There are solutions like ‘Team Viewer’, ‘Join me‘ or even windows’s own remote assistnat. However, thanks to the growth of technology; we can now control computer from android.

Though there are several ways to do so, I chose Chrome Remote Desktop to control computer from android simply because:

  • Easy to Setup
  • Simple and not bulky on resources
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Less hassles
  • Useful from anywhere & anytime

To control computer from android, you must have:

Basically, Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop app acts as a Bridge between the two devices using the app Chrome Remote Desktop. The link to Google’s page where this is explained in detail can be found here.  Follow these instructions and let me know in comment sections for any help Once all the above installations are done, follow these steps:

Step 1: Authorize the desktop/computer to control computer from android 

Control computer from android_Autorise

  • Make sure you use same Gmail account on your android device and PC if it for your own use.
  • Anyone can control computer from android or his computer (if shared)  for ‘Remote Assistance’ as well.
  • You can protect the control to your computer from android by a pin.

Step 2: Verify the Desktop Setup. (Optional)

Control computer by android_Verify Open the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Google chrome browser and Check if:

  • Your computer where you just enabled sharing is appearing under ‘My Computers’ list
  • Sharing is enabled
  • PIN is configured for safety

Step 3: Connect the two devices and start to Control computer from android 

Watch the Demo Video to get an idea of this. Youtube Video Demo: control computer from android

Best Regards,
Shivanandana Hegde
‘Curious to Learn; Generous to Share’

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