Top Fitness Apps (FREE) to get started at your home

Top Fitness Apps (FREE) to get started at your home

Top fitness apps that we are considering gives a brief of most useful and practically implementable applications on a daily basis.

Top Fitness Apps featured

With a raise in demand to fitness, there are always new mobile applications added to make our life easier. Though the trend and usability may change over time, I have hand picked some applications that you can use for a very long time. These apps are freely available in Android market and I hope that it would be available for i-store as well.!! The hand picked top fitness apps are based on factors like usability, quality of workouts, Size of the apps and price. Most important aspect is that all these top fitness apps can be used at home.

So, let’s get started here!

1) Daily Yoga: MY Favorite among top fitness apps

Top Fitness Apps 2014_DailyYogaDaily Yoga for all is the first one to be mentioned among top fitness apps. The intuitive design and vast collection of Videos makes it much more reliable. There are customized plans and workout routines that can align with your fitness goals. The background music, instructional videos and user friendly navigation makes it much more ‘fun’ to use.


2) Push-Ups: An ‘all-rounder’ among top fitness apps

Top Fitness Apps 2014_Push_Ups Push up is a compound exercise that trains the entire body. The main target remains upper body though. Push ups is the application that is simple to track, motivating and it has also got motion sensor. The beauty of this app is ……. This is what makes it to be in the list of top fitness apps.

3) Squats: Best for lower body home workouts

Top Fitness Apps 2014_Squats

Squats is another important application that helps us to build our lower body. The admirable feature is that you don’t have to manually write down the repetitions that you do. You just have to hold the device in hand or keep it in pocket and it would count the reps for you.! Cool isn’t it?? Yeah.. that is why it is one of the top fitness apps. Also, in the era of ‘Build your biceps and Build your Chest’.. Lower body is greatly ignored. This app lets you get back in form.!

4) Daily Ab Workout:  One of the top Abs and top fitness apps

Top Fitness Apps 2014_daily-absSimple, quick yet effective. There is a feature of customizing the workout schedule. It also has a feature of setting reminders.  The best feature that makes it to be in the list of top fitness app is that you can follow the videos instead of wondering at pictures.



5) Stretching Exercises: Simplicity makes it be among top fitness apps

Top Fitness Apps 2014_stretchingLast but not the least ‘Stretching Exercises’ is an app that is designed for simple and effective stretching exercises. You don’t need a gym or any equipment to perform any of this. These exercises can be performed at home. On you chair? How cool is that? Yep.. Just to keep your body toned and flexible. In other words, healthy? Yep. This app has plenty of exercises. exercises that makes it to be one of the top fitness apps of 2014. Also, it makes them to be essential android apps for fitness freaks.!

Also, Nike Training Club is a good app to try. Only thing is that it is huge in size but the number of exercises makes it worth it.

I’ve been using all of these apps at home from a long time and have fond results. Thus, consider them to be top fitness apps.

Let me know if you guys are using any other apps apart from what is listed here. If you have read so far, make sure to leave a comment.!

Best Regards,
Shivanandana Hegde
‘Curious to Learn; Generous to Share’

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