A thoughtful day to remember

This article “A thoughtful day to remember…” is all about the experience shared with the Final year Biomedical students and Post graduate student friends.

It is been 15 days ever since the New Year and now it is festival day Pongal and Sankranthi here in the Southern part of India especially in the states like karnataka, Andrapradesh and Tamilnadu .

I want to express my thoughts about Dec 31-2013, Last day of the previous year, an interesting day to remember.

This day is considered as a crucial day for the students of final year Biomedical Engineering at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College.The students wrote their last and final internal test, looking at them , my memories seeped into nostalgia, what i felt when i was a student.The day was considered as the Last working day for these final year students.It will be around 2 months to see all of them together as they are about to go for an internship.It made me look like seeing a larvae turning into a beautiful butterfly.Many people say that life is a journey no matter how hard or how tough it gets you have to move on.The sentimentality of losing someone,or emotional rush of missing something always lies down the memory lane.

People fall prey to money,materials and other goodies.Some fall prey to knowledge,Sports,Entertainment.To me it is all about memories, i really and readily fell into the mouths of memories.For me it is the memory which is an important factor, its been 8 months since i turned into a teacher and every moment i cherish with the memory of the last minute.It feels great to live in the memories of your students,friends,family or best buddies.I wish my first batch of students and also to the alumnus to strive for the moment not for fame or name.

When I die my memory lives for say a decade or two, I don’t want to be a book i want to be a binder who binds the chapters of the book.Each chapter to read, each lines you mark will have a different set of meaning.So why to restrict someone, your friend,family,student,colleague as a mere page.Do you know one thing he is in-fact a Huge Book of wonderful talents hidden.What you or anybody else is seeing is just a tip of the iceberg.Give him a chance he will prove his best, if he/she wants to fly give him/her wings, if he/she wants to paint give him/her colors and canvas. Who knows somewhere, someone, someday will definitely notices you only if you are true to yourself and to your work, be humble and kind to others.Make way for them to stand on their own legs not physically but psychologically.Look around you there are lots of inspiring and inspirational figures, know them study them.If you want to learn some new things have passion and curiosity to know it, knowing something new won’t hurt your ego isn’t it?neither it won’t hurt others if you are right.

The above paragraph is solely written to all those who are about to finish their academics and searching for a new path, and stepping the foot into the real world as a responsible citizens.Coming back to the evening of 31st Dec 2013, I wasn’t on my mind to celebrate new year, something remarkably wonderful happened.I along with the new friend and a PG student Gokul who is persuing  Masters of Engineering in VLSI(Very Large Scale Integration) course at our college, went to buy a cake in the nearby Ragam bakery at Thudiyalur,Coimbatore.

I, Gokul,Jibu (Another PG student of Control and Instrumentation C&I) and Mr Sundar the Bachelor boy of our residential complex celebrated and cut the cake.Later after the cake cutting ceremony we all sat and watched a Decade old good movie called Padayappa till 3Am.

Believe me or not i skipped my sleep only once while preparing for the semester exam for the paper called Bio Control Systems in UG(Undergraduate) days at college to know more on that read the articles titled ” into the reflection” and ” Behind the Blossom“, to my notice after finishing the movie almost all went to sleep to their rooms.I and Gokul sat on the balcony and spoke about the hardships of  life.He too faced the difficulties in his UG like me, it made me look onto his perspective of life.But these stuffs was not the only things which helped me to write the post.His story was something like a mirror to reflect on..

The main theme behind writing this post is getting to know about the art of knowing nothing and blindly depending on the imagination and creativity to provide its path.The talk was one of the best talk ever had after a long time, it was all about the philosophy of human existence, his value towards spiritualism, his playful toys and tools which is mentioned as so called Scientific interpretation and analogies for finding the very meaning word called “what is life?” .We just started a discussion about life and its existence, civilization and its nourishment.There was no books,no quotes and no references just blindly we spoke about the difficult lines called “Are we alone”.This talk almost reminded me about the UG days wherein I and the founder of this website used to share the ideas after post dinner walk.The theme of the talk and its discussion goes something like this…

Gokul- “Are we Alone”

Me-“No we aren’t let me explain something like this analogy gokul,Can you see the patch of grass in front of the road? Yes you see it right, imagine it as our world and consider the ants, bacterias, termites are us like we people and other animals.Say if you were an ant and ask the question about that monolithic structure(Our Building) which is beyond your vision to perceive its height.Do you say that all you see in front of you is a giant building? who knows the ants eyes are small due to its anatomy so it can’t see faraway things?.It doesn’t mean that there is only that patch of grass where these ants survive and strive.What if a rain drop falls? You know what space and time is not static its dynamic.

Gokul- “You mean that we all are like software codes in a Giant computer which is being simulated Sir”

Me- Kind of but not exactly,If you ask me who we are i can say that we are all a part of galaxy(CPU)’s registers who register the values of the input and the output which is controlled by some higher dimensional programmer.Considering the ant scenario,an ant can see only up,down,forward and backward right! What if you take that ant and transfer it into a new environment will it die? no it gets shocked for a while and then it will forget and continue its day-today activity.Same things holds true for us we  say if you leave your native and work somewhere else, how do you feel in the beginning uncomfortable isn’t it, you will be adjusting and getting used to everything right.But believe me these questions what we are discussing might occur to anyone some day or the other but only few will register it and analyze like us,almost all the rest forget it and move on..

Gokul- “Sir …So what you say is that there is a supreme being? Who is constantly monitoring you?”

Me – Might be, to be precise yes we all had a ancestor,so somewhere down the line we might find a new species of ourselves.If i go back in time and meet my ape-ancestors and tell them i am from your future,they wont believe me,if i say that i am a messenger from a supreme world highly advance than they are,you know what will they do don’t you?They make you as a God and they all start to idolize you and make you as their role model.This is called as “priming” a term used in neuro-psychology almost all of us prime ourselves so prime to be like their Hollywood/Bollywood action stars, some prime to be like their favorite Scientists/sport persons and actors……….(To know more on this part read a article titled “The concept of winning horse“)

Gokul-“So even you have primed to someone sir?”

Me- Not exactly i am primed to the ideas, yes it is a difficult for someone to come out of it.Say now let me explain about genetics to you.Are you interested?or will discuss it later its almost 5 Am.

Gokul-Yes i am interested sir, forget sleep, its a normal routine anyways we have a holiday sir…

Me- Ok let me ask you one question…Who is God?

Gokul-Creator and Master of the Universe..

Me- Partly right/Party wrong, i can say god might be a creator but he might not be a master of the Universe,he might have his own vision of God. We humans created God, keeping ourselves as a reference, some people see god in the form of a Human.We created Humanoid form of God.But do you know God really in that form have you seen him in your own eyes?.You are born from your mother, so mother is the creator ,I say that mother is the actual true god,but even mother prays to god then why are you praying along with your mother?

Gokul-I am totally confused

Me-According to me all i say is the nature and its set of laws govern the Universe, no one can predict rain with 100% accuracy.Even though we have sophisticated technologies we can control almost everything why? Because of nature, because of these laws or rather i say phenomenon which governs the nature.Let me explain you like this according to the law of conservation of energy (I moved onto the some reference now) we know that energy is neither be created nor be destroyed only it can be changed from one form to another.What i say here is no matter whatever you are is actually a part of someone who existed centuries ago!! if you say that you believe in Jesus,Alla or Buddha, what i say all is that if there was really a personification of these entities then you are part of them now.

The air which was inhaled from Newton,Einstein or Beethovan or Swami Vivekananda is that same air which you are breathing now..

Gokul-Right sir, but please can you elaborate.. on this?

Me-Well it is something like this no matter whatever you see around you or within you is recycled day in and day out.The cells in your body gets recycled.So as your food, you are food to microbes and bacteria, and these bacteria’s are food to you we all are co-exsisting with each other.So let me tell you something why is that a cobbler’s son is a Doctor and a Pilot’s son an actor or a writers son a sportsman won’t you asked this question yourself? Why are you different in some qualities as that of your parents? Did you asked this question almost all in this world living or dead or the future generations will ask the same question why am in different in my family?

Gokul- Yes sir many times, yeah i can bet on that  almost everyone would have asked that question..

Me- It is not genetics you know it is Epigenetics that decide who you are, your environment will decide what you want to become, but hold on there is a contribution of the dead man’s genes too..

Gokul-What!! Dead Man Genes?? what’s that?

Me- Let me ask you one thing when a person die what will happen to his body ,yes off-course it gets decomposed but apart from it what is the common ritual conducted by cultures across the world?

Gokul-They either bury them or burn them.

Me-Yes very good, so say if i bury them, the body of these dead person gets decomposed and the bacteria’s feeding on them dies and enriches the soil,say if after generations all together you don’t know that the garden in front of your house was a graveyard.So you plant an apple tree.The well fertile soil helps to provide nourishment to the tree which ripe into a tasty fruit.You taste the apple from the tree, so the genes which was hidden in that dead person is transferred to the bacteria and then formed a tree and got its hide out in the apple, now becomes a visitor of your body.You know that the cells require nutrients so say the gene present on the apple got absorbed by the genetic gland, so while copulating the factor of your genes gets combined with that of the dead man’s gene is getting injected onto your partner.So if the dead man’s gene is dominant and yours is suppressed, then there is a chance that those factors will be an add on feature of the new born.So now after the birth the kid engages himself in the external world, if the world surrounding him is similar to the one that the dead man had encountered? who knows as Epi-genetics says may provide a temporary place and impact the psychology of the individual.

Gokul-Are you saying that i might have a bad gene.

Me- Not exactly but probably,we all depend on probability as a factor, our lives,work,places almost everything is related to probability(Quantum Mechanics).It is like taking chances, but let me tell you one thing there might be some good things to consider in this law.

Gokul- What is good thing in this law?

Me- You,Me and almost three billion or more people across the world will share a common gene as that of picasso or Tagore, why because as you know the cells die and some factors in the cells are recycled may be the DNA in the cells might not be dead or its factors might not be dead.So indirectly ever since your birth you are reproducing an entirely new population through your own gene,so there is no need to have a partner to lead a life and carry your generation.The food you eat is converted into energy and whatever waste you release consists of dead cells and working DNA, which is eaten by the bacteria’s and then is converted to energy, As i said in the beginning law of conservation of Energy.

Gokul- Wow the first day of this year truly made a huge difference in my life.

Me-Surely it does only when you listen to something,always have a tendency to listen to someone so clearly, a good listener is what this world requires.

Gokul- Sir before meeting you i almost did’nt like any teachers.But you are all different, you make me think like someone special.You are really a good inspiration to me…

Me- Oh come on cut the crap..Look what time is it now?

Gokul- Almost 7Am..

Me- Wow then Good night to you, sleep well, I had an amazing time with you,Happy New Year again!

Gokul- Me too sir,Happy New year Sir..Give me a punch!! \Yeah/

  —————————End of conversation——————————

Upcoming days we went for movie,took an evening break and took pics of the sunset, part of the images are taken from them..

“This is what made me to write this aricle , it was in my head for the past 15 days, ever since that day, almost all the days is turning to be an interesting one hope the whole year ahead of me will be productive, and say what I made a new year resolution too..started to write a personal dairy, its been an amazing experience so far!! I insist everyone to maintain a dairy, it took me more than 15 years to adapt my father used to tell me to maintain the dairy,so that when you recollect back it makes you feel good..Finally made my mind”..Hope you liked  this article “A thoughtful day to remember”…

 “There is no word called Late if you think you already started”- Sandesh.S

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