Bannerghatta National Park: My trip to an Animal Sanctuary!!

Bannerghatta National Park: My trip to an Animal Sanctuary!!

Second Memorable moment at Bannerghatta national park:

The next interesting part was the dancing ‘Peacock’.  I just watched a big male peafowl dancing and spreading its entire feathers. It was just so awesome to watch our National bird dance!!

Bannerghatta National Park
Dancing Peacock at Bannerghatta National Park

I was totally speechless! It is so much different than what I used to watch in T.V. After a while, he stopped and I moved on. It is quite natural  to get tired in there because of the wide spread Zoo. I was walking all over the place trying to cover as much as I can. Here are few pics that I thought would be interesting.

Oh…. And I almost forgot my encounter with the ‘White Bengal Tiger’. Well,not an ‘Encounter’ actually but it was bit risky to take this pic!! I went nearer and nearer to it. I reached so near that my next destiny would be it’s stomach!!!. The white tiger was very cool and calm. May be it was stuffed and not in a mood to hunt. Usually I have heard that white tiger is one aggressive animal.

Third Memorable moment at Bannerghatta national park:

Bannerghatta National Park
Calm and cool White Tiger @ Bannerghatta National Park

Hummmmm….. Scary isn’t it???

Summary of this visit to Bannerghatta National Park:

Well, there is lot more to say about Bannerghatta National Park but I will leave it to you to explore and ‘Know the Unknown’. My conclusion would be rather unorthodox! I came with an intention of entertaining myself by watching all these wild creatures but by the end of the day, all I had was a bag of ‘pity’ smeared with toxic essence of human selfishness. Scientifically, spiritually and in what ever way.. animals equally and rightfully own this earth. They should be set free. A majority of smart measures can be taken to prevent cruel animals from hurting people.

With a quite heavy heart, I returned home that day..Yet my day was beautiful just like the flower I found on my way home.

Bannerghatta National Park
Cute flower to end my day @ Bannerghatta National Park

Have you ever been to such place?? Leave a reply with your experience..!

-Shivanandana Hegde
‘Curious to Learn; Generous to Share’.

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