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Preface: This article is dedicated to the givers and donors of life. This article covers the source of life’s harbor to the source of life saver. Read the below lines to know more…   Water is naturally called as source of living. Almost all the species from Bacteria to Blue Whale live and prosper in liquid medium most preferably water. Even the earth is made up of almost 80% water. Water is the life source which is one form of boon of life, from the Kepler mission which terminated due to technical glitches which tracked planets for life to the Curiosity rover tracking the water at GALE crater Mars. While we are busy tracking the scientific and computational advances in the field of Space science to design of miniature electronics we have excelled in few decades beyond ones expectations. Coming to humanitarian aspects the most living saving liquid which is overtaken by the liquid life source water is “Human Blood” a real boon of life. The sentence looks bizarre as if I am going to tell you a story related to vampires no I am not. Even though there are scientist who are doing research  in generating synthetic blood in lab it is still on the budding stage. Perhaps in the upcoming decades they might be able to fully synthesize the blood but the complications like foreign body reactions and differentiation of the blood group will be a daunting task. For the time being we all depend on the natural donor blood for any of the surgical procedures.

Sharing is caring...
Sharing is caring…

The term philanthropy is very much necessary according to today stressful, competitive technical world. An individual’s life is not measured in terms of his bank income, salary play slips or property owned. It is just a primary motto for some and for rest it is a motto of life itself. The value of an individual life is measured in terms of what he did to the community to the people apart from the day today aspects of work. The very morality, ethics and professionalism varies from people to people. Recently i had an opportunity to donate blood in one of the reputed hospital named behind the spiritual guru of 19th century Sri Ramakrishna at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu,India. I thought of a plan to donate blood which was unexpected but out of random I got an idea to donate. The requirement of blood was critical for one patient at the hospital, looking for an individual volunteering amazed the authorities at blood bank. The moment I donated the blood the recipient’s daughter came to thank me and mentioned that the recipient is her mother to whom the blood was in need, believe me or not that moment after looking at her was priceless emotional outburst which requires controlled reaction.This incident for me not only made to go partly emotional but made to think about the need for humanitarian needs.

“Blood” Fuel for Life
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To create awareness around the people I have thought so that we can save many life through donating blood.The idea for  posting this article is to provide you information. For readers information this is to mention that I have already pledged all my organs for the cause of humanity through a website named know more on this read the article “Survival of Self”). But that pledge is after my death, but what can I do while I am living and Co-existing with the fellow species of Homo-Sapiens? then came the idea of blood donation. By nature almost all of us including me hesitated in the initial days for blood donation to save a life. Then I came to know the real procedure and the sterile aspects behind the whole procedure. I later came to know that the cells get rejuvenated every 3 months to generate the required amount of blood for the bodies need after donation. Considering this we all need to have some aspect of humanitarian thought for saving a life. The requirement of blood depends on the patient requirement and decease .It might be from leukemia (Blood Cancer) to renal failure (Kidney Failure). No matter what we earn, learn we are indeed finally remembered by our fellow brothers and sisters for the work we did for the society, community or for our country. I urge the reader to pledge and volunteer for this humanitarian effort and donate blood to save life. I want all my readers to be simple, humble and ethical irrespective of your work, culture or community. We need Human values not Selfish Ego.


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“Be noble citizen to your country and be humble to the all species”

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