Shivagange [ಶಿವಗಂಗೆ ] – Review and Trip Experience

Shivagange [ಶಿವಗಂಗೆ ] – Review and Trip Experience

Shivagange is a mountain which is about 50 Kms from Bangalore, India and 8 Kms from Tumkur, India. ( on the way to Tumkur from Bangalore).

Shivagange Mountain
Shivagange Mountain

Shivaganga is one of the places to visit near Bangalore on vacations.

The entire mountain is in the shape of ‘Shiva-Lingam and there is a natural flow of Ground water which is called ‘Gange’ (Ganga).

Hence the name Shivagange or ‘Shivaganga. [ ಶಿವಗಂಗೆ or ಶಿವಗಂಗಾ ] 

Shivagange has a rich historic background and spiritual mythology around it. Mainly known for its holy temples and a good rock climbing and trekking place, Shivagange is a good spot to spend time. We left Bangalore early in the morning and on the way, we could see that the peaks of Shivagange mountain were covered in fog.! Below pictures will give an idea about Shivaganga.

[Pics of Shivagange can be enlarged by clicking on them]

 On the way to Shivagange

Rock Climbing & Trekking @ Shivagange

Since, Shivagange is a place situated way above the ground level, we can expect many view-points around here. Take a Look….!

View points in Shivagange Mountain

Temples of Shivagange

Though Shivaganga is mainly known for its legendary temples, we could only capture few of them. Since we were early, many of them weren’t open at all.!!  Besides, taking pictures is not allowed in many temples in Shivagange.


Alertness @ Shivagange..!

Why??? Because of monkeys. They tend to be pretty rude and aggressive if they see any bag or pouch in your hand.
None of them attacked or caused any harm. People and pretty girls were shouting loudly without any reason. Or was there any??

Shivagange monkey

Facilities at Shivagange

Shivanandana at Shivagange

  • Steps and Supporting handrails for people who wish to climb the mountain.
  • There are shops at every 10 yards of the mountain. They provide water, eatable items and cool-drinks. Rates are pretty low for local commodities like Jowar etc.

Specialities of Shivagange

1) Ghee turning into Butter at Shivagange

At the top of the Shivagange mountain, there is a Shiva-Linga. If ghee is poured on it, it turns into butter.!! This is one of the rarest of rare natural phenomena.This is seen only in 2 places in India.

2) Olakal Theertha of Shivaganga

This is a small hole carved in stone. There is a water body below it.! People who come here, put their hand in it and try to touch the water.

Local stories say that only people who are innocent and sinless can get water here.

Shivagange olakal theertha pictureHowever, as per my understanding, water in pretty deep in here and people with long hands would be able to touch water. 😛

Otherwise, how did I (who is not innocent and with so many sins around me) could  touch this holy water? 😉

3) Kempegowda’s Improvements in Shivagange

Kempegowda, one of the most renowned ruler under Vijayanaga Empire had ruled in Shivaganga. We could see a underground tunnel built from Shivagange to Bangalore from Gangadhareshwara Temple. Also, Kempegowda had his treasury built within these rocks of Shivaganga.

I have to tell you what I liked and what I disliked about Shivaganga before concluding. This cannot be missed in my review.

Likes about Shivagange:

  • Place is ancient and is kept that way.
  • Temples of Shivaganga are all built in ‘Cave’ models. Naturally occurring rocks give the shelter and pillars.
  • Didn’t see a lot of crowd. (My preference though). 🙂
  • Temperature is cool and calm. Though trekking might make you sweat.!

 Dislikes about Shivagange:

  • As usual and commonly seen in India, visitors of Shivaganga have thrown plastic bottles, covers, packets of chips and other garbage wherever they want. This can be clearly seen in the pic of ‘Kempegowda’s tunnel to Bangalore (above).
  • Again, as usual, reprobates and miscreants have written their names and spoiled the beautiful rocks.
  • No proper place and maintenance for ‘Parking’ your vehicles.

Summary about our journey to Shivaganga:

  • Our journey was quite eventful. With those entertaining monkeys,trekking and temples.
  • Shivagange is good place to hang out with friends and family. Shivaganga is also one of the good places to visit near Bangalore.
  • Make sure that you and people with whom you are travelling are fit and healthy.Also, not to be afraid of heights.
  • Make sure to ‘bend’ down before you enter the temples. For a well built and tall person, it could be difficult to squeeze in..!
Me and my Wife  @ Shivagange :-) <3
Me and my partner @ Shivagange 🙂 <3

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Good Luck..!

Best Regards,      
Shivanandana Hegde   
‘Curious to Learn & Generous to Share’

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6 thoughts on “Shivagange [ಶಿವಗಂಗೆ ] – Review and Trip Experience

  1. Hi , Very interesting article . Since I stay in Bangalore , I knew about Shivagange temple , where ghee turns into butter . What is the 2nd place ?

    • Hey Sagar,
      The place is safe. People… Well that depends on how you manage to get along. No one bothered me and my companions whatsoever. However, we got constant stares at times which is normal in a place like this.
      There won’t be rush but there would be decent amount of people in and around so you feel safe. If you are planning to visit, I recommend you go and have a look (preferably with at least one companion with you).

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