Pass Google Analytics (GAIQ) in 3 Simple Steps.

Pass Google Analytics exam GAIQ

Effective from 20th of November, 2014, Google Analytics (GAIQ) certification is available for free..!! How to apply for  New Google Analytics certification for FREE? Follow these Steps here Being a certified professional is always an advantage. Certification shows that the person is capable enough to handle the business or technical scenarios. It also adds value … Read more

How to do AB testing using Google Analytics

A/B testing using google analytics

Testing page variations is an important aspect for a digital marketer. This articles explains the simple steps to do AB testing using google analytics ‘Experiments’ feature. What is A/B testing? Search for this on Google and you would get the answer as:  How to do AB testing using google analytics? Step 1: Navigate to the right Spot..! Before … Read more

Why choose Google Analytics?

Why choose Google analytics to improve

Why choose Google Analytics(Free) as the best alternative for Online Marketing Analytics? In the battle of ‘Premium‘ Analytics solutions, there is a silent yet salient winner waiting to capture the world of Analytics market. :–> Google Analytics!  Though ‘Google’ gives an explanation in this link: ‘Why choose Google Analytics’,  it is good to have another opinion on this isn’t … Read more

Configure Web Analytics Tool: A comprehensive guide

 Sharing some thoughts on how to configure web analytics tools:    “Good luck is a residue of preparation”   Most of the Web analytical tools (WAT) are similar in configuration. Although a hosted service will remove the latent hostility and vernacularism of configuration, isn’t it always wise to make sure that you are getting what you … Read more

How to setup Web Analytics:- 10 “must-do” steps for successfull Web-Analytics

After knowing the basics of web analytics in my previous article, its time to move on to know how to setup web analytics effectively. Once we have the business goals set and we get the sign offs from all the authorities, our next step will be to technically implement it in the REAL WORLD! Every business has … Read more