Configure Web Analytics Tool: A comprehensive guide

 Sharing some thoughts on how to configure web analytics tools:


 “Good luck is a residue of preparation”


Most of the Web analytical tools (WAT) are similar in configuration. Although a hosted service will remove the latent hostility and vernacularism of configuration, isn’t it always wise to make sure that you are getting what you have paid for? This article will give some insights configure web analytics tools.

                            configure web analytics   configure web analytics configure web analytics

In my limited experience so far, I have observed that only 60-65% of a WAT is being utilized… Although, in a large organizations, LoPPo(Lowly Paid Persons) are never given a chance to raise the concern or /suggest anything to HiPPos, (Highly Paid Persons) Hence, I find my website more homely to express what I have to.

configure web analytics

While preparing a glass of fruit juice, we (normal people!) make sure that every single corner of the flesh of the fruit is squeezed… So, why not do the same with the product that is being paid for? Why not grab everything that it has to offer.. ( observe that I have used the word Everything… and not ‘as much as possible’ !)..


Be sure you MAKE USE OF the following before configuring your WAT:


· The Support: If it is a paid product, there should be a savvy team of that WAT who will be happy to help you with your queries. Don’t hesitate.. they legally owe you that!!!

· Instruction Manuals: Every WAT comes with loads of complete set of instructions called as ‘Admin Guide/ User Guide’; which will cover every nook and corner the WAT and its complete configuration.

Use the distinguishing picks: Since there is a tough, competitive market for WATs, every WAT will have its own *Unique and Special functionality apart from regular report preparing potentiality. Use them!!!

· Add-on Packages and updates: When you are getting a main dish for 1 penny, why not get a ‘side dish’ for half a penny more if it’s really worth and tasty?

*Unique and Special functionalities: Like 3D animation of reports and trends, overlay viewers, importing offline data directly from excel sheets…etc…

Are there any other things that I should keep in mind when I am about to configure web analytics tools?

Certainly YES!!

configure web analytics



  • Do not compromise with your KPIs:


Every question has an answer and its definitely NOT ‘ altering the question’! When you have set the goals, designed the schema, there is no point in stepping back from what you want.. Make sure you never walk half way road and turn back to get stuck!.


  • Experience and skills matters:


Either hire or get the help of an expert who is well versed with that particular WAT. Although, there is a common belief that “One who knows ‘Web Analytics’ can manage with any tool, since its only the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that differs”, I am afraid this is not true for every WAT. The statement above is as foolish as saying.. “One who knows how to balance a cycle, can somehow ride a 1000CC sport bike because it is the ‘balancing’ that matters!!”


  • Move Along with the New Trends:


World is evolving every second! Are you? Age old metrics, bronze age KPIs, iron age algorithms and stone age excel sheets and graphs about ROI(Return of Investment). !!! Is that all?? Think about the present and next generation kids…We weren’t half as smart as they are now. Can you use a smart phone at your present age as efficiently as your next-door kindergarten kid? This is the era of digital sciences. Keep questioning about possible inclusion of social media statistics like Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc.. in to your WAT. 


  • Test it before you risk it:


Ensure that the JavaScript tracking codes are all placed at appropriate place and makes sense by being in sync with your KPIs. Testing before you configure web analytics tools is most essential part to ensure smooth drive. 


  • Back up and Restore Options:


Make sure that there is a solid, well defined back-up strategy before implementing the WAT for both application data as well as your business data.



  • Ensure tight packing of data:


This is an aftermath. Make sure there is no ‘Leakage’ of data before your marketing loop is closed. Its not just knowing the things that matters but what you do after you know it.

Last but not least, Have an Exotic taste: This one is my favorite. When you are choosing a WAT, its not just price and usability that matters..but taste!! 😛 

I could only generalize the topic here to configure web analytics tools since I cannot comment on most of the paid and leading tools as it may violate the laws in some regions.

If you are not sure as to what is web analytics, here is a introductory article. One step further, If you want to know some advanced concepts, here is an article on how to set-up web analytics..



-Shivanandana Hegde         

‘Curious to Learn, Generous to Share’

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