Why choose Google Analytics?

Why choose Google Analytics?

Why choose Google Analytics(Free) as the best alternative for Online Marketing Analytics?

In the battle of ‘Premium‘ Analytics solutions, there is a silent yet salient winner waiting to capture the world of Analytics market. :–> Google Analytics!

 Why choose Google analytics to improveThough ‘Google’ gives an explanation in this link:Why choose Google Analytics’ it is good to have another opinion on this isn’t it? 🙂
Demand for online marketing analytics is growing exponentially and so are for Analytics Tools!. Google Analytics can be the best alternative for your business.This article explains the uncommon reasons to choose Google Analytics for your organization/individual needs.

Summary of this article on : Why choose Google Analytics?

Top 8 Reasons: (Click each one for brief)

1.          FREE of cost!
2. Real time Analytics
3. Adowrds and Social media Analytics
4. Mobile Application analytics
5. Multi Channel Campaign Analytics
6. Assign Credits/Attribution
7. E-commerce Analytics capability
8. Global Gallery!


  1. FREE of Cost!

Infomandala-Why-Google-Analytics-FreeThe Number One reason to choose Google Analytics is that it is Free of cost! (Free Version ofcourse)

So? :-

  • No need to spend money for  Analytics tool.
  • More money for other Marketing Activities like Adowords, Campaigns etc..
  • No budget allocation for analytics storage, processors and servers either!

Though there is an option of premium version, most of the features are common accross both. Free version would suffice the needs of analytics for small to medium scale business. ( with less than 1 Billion page hits per month).

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  2. Real time Analytics

Infomandala-Why-Google-Analytics-Real -time-analytics
Another perk that can be considered to choose google anlytics is its ‘Real-time’ analytics capability.

  • One of the few tools to have Real time analytics as of now.
  • Though Google says that this feature is not totally reliable yet, I have seen amazingly accurate results with this so far.
  • Provides Locations, traffic source, active web contents and live conversions!

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  3. Adowrds and Social media Analytics

Linking Google Adwords to your Analytics is a cherry on top of the cake!

  • Choose google analytics to Analyse ad and site performance data in the Google Analytics
  • Import Analytics metrics—such as Bounce RateAvg. Session Duration, and Pages/Session—into AdWords account
  • Higher Adword Remarketing capabilities
  • Rich Analytics data on Multi-Channel Funnels reports
  • Social media referels, landing pages, conversions, user flow etc.

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  4. Mobile Application analytics


  • Growing usage of Mobile devices makes it one of the reason to choose google analytics.
  • Google Analytics can be implemented accross multiple mobile plarforms (most used) like Android, iOS, Windows phone etc..
  • Seperate properties have to be created and native implementation codes are provided by Google Analytics.
  • Refer this link for : Mobile App Analytics implementation.

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  5. Multi Channel Campaign Analytics

A solid reason to choose google analytics and bring your ‘Marketing Analytics’ under one umbrealla

  • Measure Keyword performance,banner ad campaigns, e-mail campaigns, social campaigns.
  • Relate and co-relate conversion path to different marketing channels and do path analysis.

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  6. Assign Credits/Attribution to Marketing activities


  • If a conversion is assisted by series of marketing activity.
  • Choose google analytics to assign credits as per business model/algorithm.
  • Define your own values per conversion step as per marketing agenda.
  • Both First-Touch and Last-touch attibution are available.

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  7. E-commerce Analytics capability

  • Business with online e-commerce can choose google analytics for business analytics
  • Google analytics can collect transaction data like product sales, purchase amounts, and billing locations
  • Better user segmentation based on product, transaction and time to purchase -details.
  • Discover better relationship b/w digital campaigns and customer engagement.

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  8. Global Gallery to Export/Import report elements

Infomandala-Why-Google-Analytics-Global Gallery

  • Users accross the globe can Export/Import their analytics elements easyly just by a click of a button.
  • Various reporting elements like Dashboard structures, filters, segmentation algorithms, custom reports etc. can be imported.
  • Sharing reporting element does not mean sharing report data.
  • Import Analytics parameters from a Large community of Analytics-Ninjas

These our picks to choose google analytics as an alternative for any organizantion or individual.

Let me know if I missed anything!!

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